Prayer Conference 2.0 – CONTRAVENTION

PRAYER is one of the major ways to define your life especially, your spiritual life, the time and length of your prayer is not what really matters but the intensity of the prayer in Spirit and in truth. Prayer is a communication and for every communication there must be a feedback, failure to receive feedback shows there is something wrong somewhere which comes from the person praying and this affect every other aspects of your life.

If prayer can help you discover how your life is, then that same prayer can help your re-shape and advance the same life in all aspects.

In doing this, understanding is the key to a prayer that must be answered.

That is why you need to understand that, there are some barriers you need to break before your prayer can be answered. The gathering of like-minds in one accord can easily put an end to this, if you are ready to be part.

So therefore, why not be a partaker of this grace and also be a blessing to others through the same grace at the first series of the Second edition of PRAYER CONFERENCE with the focus – CONTRAVENTION

To Register send P.C. 2.0 to +234 8137 435 280 via Whatsapp.


One thought on “Prayer Conference 2.0 – CONTRAVENTION

  1. That is how bad the WORLD is. We pray that the GEAT GOD, THE ALMIGHTY AND MOST MERCIFUL will rescue these hapless people from their tormentors. Amen. Emperor NERO did such in ANCIENT ROME


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