Salvation Ministries set for the Completion of World’s Largest Church by 2020

David Ibiyeomi recently announced that the next annual program 5NOG (5 Nights of Glory) will be held at the new auditorium which is estimated to be 120,000 capacity .

The announcement was made during 2019 occluded 5NOG. The new auditorium is set to be world’s largest church auditorium by 2020 a tentative year for its completion becoming the church headquarters.

The Hand of God Cathedral is located at Airport Road, Igwuruta, Port Harcourt in Rivers State, Nigeria. This was as a result of speed growth of members having over 50 satellite churches in Port Harcourt.

The initial planned capacity was 40,000 but because of the increase of members and prodding by David Ibiyeomie’s father in the Lord, Bishop David Oyedepo to do ‘better than his father’; Ibiyeomie was encouraged to expand capacity of the building. Same thing happened to Pastor Paul Enenche of Dunamis leading to the increase of Glory Dome from 75,000 to 100,000 capacities.

The project is at its roofing stagte, after a concluded meeting on 10th of April 2018, the ministry will be visiting LF BJMB Company in China where space frame structure will be produced.

The company is a professional manufacturer and engineering company for space frame and steel structure project with full capability for Research, Design, Fabrication, Construction and Supervision as posted on her website. Also remains the largest steel roof construction company in China.

With the expansion, the metal roofing covering an area of 50,000m2, consisting of one 91m span central dome, five finger-shaped cylindrical structures which carry at least 20,000 people each and two fan-shaped roof structures.

Hand of God Cathedral will conveniently accommodate 100,000 people at once which cover about 50,000M2, thereby becoming one of the largest churches in the world.


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