By: Opeyemi Oluwashegun DUROTOYE

It is darkening, the only shade is wax,
Eyes twinkling, iris snaking
Looking more, narrowly reaching farthest.

Let me close your lips with mine,
And be join for our testimony to be one
Our saliva are notion for Lubrication
Every nibble of teeth, and tongue
Are play way for this inclination.

The ache of snuggling,
The cuddling, the smush and slurping
Are glowing decree for love
What else could it be?
If not intra-inter-coursing
What satisfies? if the Intimacy isn’t share.

Let me devise your skirt banquet,
And rinse through your ring
Let them calm to my machismo
For such is physique designed
If I won’t pilot I wouldst not blouse you off
Let do it toady,
And play safe and lovely under the moon of this love.

Our only shade is wax,
Let wave over it warm and generate the heat of Love
Making our prayer while staking
And plead for forgiveness under the Light
Even God attest to this season
Rejoice for we have a creator who is loving.

Sex norm!
Conventional immoralities!
Illusion Indeed!

Cheer bouncy the spell of Love
Not on the bed of whoredom, and pleasures
Play it safer is the best, Play safest saves
Playing safe may be detrimental
This isn’t Wifedom, nor nuptial sacrament
Whoredom theater is ward of Hell
A destiny truncated, is never demarcated
Love is a personality: God is love.”

@fewords-GreatWorks Company ’19


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