Are you knocking at the Right Door?

The latter part of Matthew 7:7 says …knock and it shall be opened unto you. Well the issue here is that some people have been knocking and they are still knocking up till this moment.

Now let me ask which door are you knocking? Because you can’t be knocking the wrong door and expects right result/answer that is if the door is opened to you.
Let’s take it this way, if anybody tells you okay when coming just knock the door, I will surely open, but on getting there you went to the wrong door and start knocking, you know what, that door might not be opened or if its opened you get a negative response. But when you go straight to the right door, immediately you knock, there comes an answer because that person is expecting you.

Some people tend to knock the wrong door because they don’t even know where they are going. It is anywhere the wind blows them. They will say oohh we should knock on the door and it shall be opened which door exactly if I may ask?

Some are even knocking the right door but because there is no answer they tend to move on. Why? Because they don’t know the importance of the door thing, they are knocking.

There are two parties here, the one who is knocking and the one who will open.
There is no issue with the person opening the door but rather the one knocking the door. You should know that how you knock, where you knock, what you are knocking, when you knock and who is knocking plays a vital role on the opening of the door.

This means you need to have certain qualification before it can be opened unto you then follow by whatever you are asking for. And the first qualification for that is your faith. Luke 20:22.

Matthew 7:8 says… for everyone that knocks, it shall be opened. You see that use of the word shall means the opening of the door is very certain which is determined by you knocking the right door. Are you knocking the right door?


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