Election in Nigeria Shaky, Postponement Divinely Mandated – Aposlte Johnson Suleman

On the day of the national election in Nigeria, the Electoral body announced the postponement of the election around 2am of the Presidential election day.

One of the well respected cleric in the nation, the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) Apostle Johnson Suleman said the postponement was divinely mandated.

In video posted on social media, Apostle said the postponement confirmed what he received on January 10, 2019, stating conduction of election in the country was shaky.

He said in the video clip that “You will be shocked. They will fight themselves. They will be against themselves. They will shame themselves. Can I surprise you? If we do not pray well, I don’t see election. I saw a date that was shifted if we don’t pray.

They will give you reasons; there was security threat, there was violence, and because of these we are moving the elections forward. It is just a scam.”


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