Affirmation/Confession: UNDERSTANDING

Confession of scripture without the presence and power of Holy Spirit is mere psychology

Because I was created to be unique, to understand and give value to heavenly principles with my agreement with God for breaking any barrier, I therefore, affirm:

To become an expression of God
In value and understanding
To the point of joyful, successful fulfillment
I begin walk in the principles that brings value to my prayers
So that my prayer come to fruition
I give thanks and am grateful for my prayer answered

Every day, in every way, I keep getting better and better
As light shines and shines until the perfect day
I receive grace for to be fervent on the prayer altar
I know what I desire; I ask for it, and receive it
I move with ease through time and space
Only faith surrounds me for fulfillment of my prayer

Understanding in God is my birthright and I accept it now
Life responds to my intention
I am responsible for value
I create my value
I become master over every ignorance
Gods understanding is sufficient for me

Hence, I am the creator of my experience and expectation
Me, myself and I alone, are responsible for my future and for my emotions. No one can make my feel anytime unless I let them.
What I am today is the result of all that I have done. What I become is my choice, because of my understanding
I receive understanding through the knowledge of the books
I receive understanding through the ministry of the Angels
Give me understanding to obey your instructions

I bless God for His wisdom in me beyond comprehension
I stop worry but rather mediate on things which are unseen
I reckon with heavenly values
I reckon with heavenly merits
I have understanding for my glorification

I receive merit for who I am in Christ
I am always at the right place at the right time.
I receive understanding through the ministry of Holy Spirit
My eyes of understanding is open
There are no more guess work

#iAffirm #Contravention


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