Affirmation; FAITH


I assented of old, negative beliefs that have stood in the way of my faith.
I open my mind to electrifying new potentials and free of resistance
I am committed to put my faith in motion
I believe in God and I believe in my self
I am grateful for the substance of things hoped for

Universe shall bow as a result of my faith
By faith, I offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice
I surround myself with fascinating, inspiring people who believe in what I believe
By faith, I keep my obedience in God intact
I am grateful for evidence of things not seen

With faith I dare new challenge I feel calm, confident, and powerful.
Through faith, I received all promises concerning me
My focused is on my vision in faith
I thereby pursue it with passion in faith
I am grateful for all the abundance faith flowing into my life

God has judged me faithful
My faith secures heavens attention
I pledge to focus center for positivity believing
Through faith, I remain accountable to God
I am incredibly grateful for my faith lifestyle

I think in FAITH
I act in FAITH
I walk in FAITH
I work with FAITH

#iAffirm #Contravention


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