CONTRAVENTION – Morning Hour Day 3

It is expedient for us to know that prayer is not only meant for these three people: ME, I and MYSELF. This is perceived to be Selfish. There is no doubt that most people challenge one way or the other, we all have one or two prayer point that need answer but then, there are some people that need prayer than you do.

To be realistic intercessors have their own challenge trust me that is the pure truth but I have realized that it very rare for you to be praying for the need for others and still be in need.

There are some people that their faith and strength have faded away because of the challenge they are facing. But here you are, you still have the strength to pray for yours why don’t you help others too.
Don’t underestimate what your prayer can do in the life of another person.
Men of God know this, which is why they will always say pray for us even Apostle Paul said that too. Those are the shepherd over us.

How much more that your friend, brother, uncle, sister that needs your prayer.
In Praying there is a need for alignment of your prayer with the will of God, which can be identify through the word of God. And God doesn’t joke with the word.
Hence, you need to take action on the following:

Decide what you want from God.
Get scriptures that promise what you want.
Meditate on them until they get into your heart
Turning the scripture into making request
Then use those scriptures as your defense in the day of adversary.

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