At Last, Asia Bibi Finally Gains Freedom Leaves Pakistan


After spending Eight years in jail for blasphemy charges in Pakistan, Asia Bibi is now set free.

Bristish Pakistani Christian Association told the Associated Press that he received a text message from a British diplomat saying “is out.” Saif – ul Malook, her lawyer also confirm this, he said the mother of five is finally reunited with her daughters in Canada.

The ministry of interior and foreign affairs also attests to the departure of Aisa Bibi based on condition of anonymity.

On twitter, the US State Department applauded her release and  added a statement opposing the Islamic blasphemy laws.


Chowdhry highlighted Bibi’s bravery and strength noting that she “bravely held onto her faith.”

He said, “She was offered freedom on several occasions by officials and prison workers pressuring her to convert to Islam and if she did, she would immediately be released.”

He proclaimed, “She deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. She refused to capitulate, she is a testimony to us all.”

The mother of two, faced death threat after she was officially freed by the Supreme Court over blasphemy allegations which engenders difficulty in leaving the country. Read more story here.


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