The speed of light can be likened to that of internet, distance is not the barrier, all you need is to get connected through the available means and make proper use of it.
Just as some people find it difficult to make use of the internet due to one thing or the other, so is someone finding it difficult to make right use of the Holy Spirit.

There are different categories of people that find it difficult in putting this to work with their different reasons. Read through to find the category you belong.

  • ONE WHO DOES NOT EVEN HAVE THE AVAILABLE MEANS: before someone can get connected to the internet, you at least need a phone or any other enabled device that can perform that functions because you need to understand that not all gadgets can perform the work of internet. Same thing happens to the things of the Spirit you need to get the most suitable and available means for you to get connected and the first step to that is salvation. Romans 8: 14.
  • ONE WHO HAVE THE AVAILABLE MEANS BUT HAVE NOT SUBSCRIBE YET, it is one thing for you to be saved, it is another thing for you to fully yield to Holy Spirit, you might be born again and have the gadget but you are yet to subscribe to the internet provider. That means you might have the gadget, yet you might still lack internet if you do not subscribe to the internet, despite the capability of your gadget. This implies that you might be saved and yet lacks the power of the Holy Spirit, if you fail to subscribe to him. As the internet provider won’t force you to subscribe, they only try to convince you to do so, but they won’t force your hand to dial the numbers for subscription. So do Holy Spirit he won’t force except you welcome him. When you subscribe, you receive a confirmation, same thing to the Holy Spirit, there is always an evidence of having the Holy Ghost and one of the evidences of speaking in tongues.
  • ONE WHO HAVE THE AVAILABLE MEANS AND HAVE SUBSCRIBED BUT NOT CONNECTED YET:For you to make use of the internet in this new era you need to activate your data or else you won’t get connected despite having subscription. This also implies to the things of the Spirit, you must be saved, have the Holy Spirit in you yet not sensitive or positioned enough to receive from Him. That means you are not making use of what you have, I mean how you will be suffering of internet when all you need to do is to swipe on the data power button to get connected. How will you be lacking the move of the Holy Spirit, when all you need to do is to put on your sensitivity antenna?
  • ONE WHO IS SENSITIVE BUT DOES NOT YIELD TO GUIDANCE: it is one thing to be connected; it is another thing to make use of the connection rightly, you might be connected and still decide to not align with the directives of Holy Spirit. For internet, though your data is on but you still find it difficult to follow instructions on your browser, that means it will be difficult for you to proceed until you adhere to that pop up instruction. You can only proceed further in the Holy Spirit if you take heed to instructions given.

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