DID YOU KNOW: Angels Throw Party? – Billy Graham’s Revelations About Angels

From the Editorial of Light workers which focuses on the story goes that during his life, Billy Graham sought to study what the great theologians of old and present had written about angels. He was astonished to find that much had been written about demons and satan, but only a mere handful of books and pamphlets about God and His angels. With even Graham himself commenting, “We have whole bookshelves on demons and the occult and satan. But you can hardly find a book on angels. And when I went to try to find some books on angels I only found some pamphlets and two or three small books.”

This revelation led Graham into a vast biblical study of the role of Angels in God’s design. Here are just a few of the incredible truths Graham discovered.

1. The Bible teaches from Genesis to Revelation that angels exist
“I do know that this book teaches from Genesis to Revelation the existence of angels. A year ago I preached a sermon on angels and I received thousands of letters from people telling me experiences [they’ve had with angels].”

2. There are secret spiritual agents in the world
“There are secret agents here. The devil has his agents here and God has His angels here. But all we’re hearing about now is the devil’s agents, but God has agents that I want to talk about. And the frustration and the depression that so many people are going through is satanic. And it’s supernatural. And we’re involved in a supernatural war. And a supernatural battle is taking place on this planet right now. But I think it’s time for those of us that call ourselves Christians to major on the positives of the Christian faith. The Bible says, ‘Greater is He that is you than he that is in the world!’”

3. The Holy Spirit and millions of angels are here to help you
“We are not alone in the world! The Holy Spirit is here in mighty power to help you, to guide you, to lead you, to fill you, to anoint you … to teach you. But in addition to the Holy Spirit, there are thousands and millions of angels at God’s disposal to send to help you in time of need.”
Furthermore, “The Bible says [that angels] are without number. It says in Daniel 7, ‘thousands of thousands ministered unto him and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before [God].”

4. The Bible proves their existence
“Yes, 108 times in the old testament—165 times in the new testament. The Jewish faith believes in angels. The Catholic faith, the Protestant faith, the old and the new testament all teach the existence of angels. An angel appeared to Abraham, to Jacob, to Isaac… And the angels appeared all the way through the new testament.”

5. Angels are created beings
“And people ask, ‘What are the angels?’ Well, first they are created beings. They are created by God. The Bible says, ‘For He commanded and they were created’ in Psalm 148:5. God alone is uncreated and eternal. Now that boggles the mind. I cannot understand how God had no beginning and how God has no end.”

6. Angels are spirit, but can take on human form
“And then the bible says they’re spirit—you don’t see them. Now, many times they appear in human form. They take on human form to come and speak to someone like Mary or like Zachariah or like the shepherds…”

7. We entertain them unaware
“‘Be not forgetful’ the writer of Hebrews says. To entertain strangers for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. Some of you have probably entertained an angel and didn’t know it. The Bible says they have no bodies, but sometimes they take on the form of a body.”

8. They have superhuman intelligence and power
“And then the Bible says that they have superhuman intelligence and power. Now, they don’t know everything. Because the Bible speaks about things that angels desire to look into. The Bible teaches that the angels do not know the day nor the hour of the second coming of Jesus Christ”

9. They are obedient to God
“But the great characteristic of the angels is that they are obedient to God and they have tremendous power.”
10. Angels will be the ones to cast the devil into the lake of fire
“And in Revelation, it tells of the time when they are going to lay hold on the devil himself and bind him and cast him into the lake of fire and we’ll be finished with the devil.”

11. One angel’s power is incomprehensible
“And remember, in one night one angel
[alone] slew 185,000 of Syrians who were attacking ancient Israel. And [to think angels] are without number!”

12. Angels have ranks
“And the Bible says they have various ranks. Colossians 1, [says] they have thrones and dominions and principalities and powers. The Bible talks about the voice of the archangel and the archangel is Michael. And Michael is the only one in the Bible called the archangel. That seems to indicate that he is in charge of all the angels under the direction of God. They are highly organized.”
“And Gabriel is the only other one named and he seems to be a messenger of mercy and promise wherever he went. Whereas, Michael seems to be the messenger of law and judgment.”

13. Some angels rebelled against God
“The Bible says they are holy. But some of the angels sinned against God … The Bible teaches us that somewhere in the mysterious past … a rebellion took place in heaven. And Lucifer, son of the morning, probably another archangel equal with Michael led a revolt against God and about a third of the angels revolted with him. And they were thrown out of heaven and they landed on this planet, called earth.”

14. Angels execute God’s will
“The Bible teaches that angels execute God’s will. They do God’s bidding. They can even influence the affairs of great nations—between the forces of darkness and the forces of light. Between the demons and the angels, and unseen battle that’s taking place and you and I are in the middle of it. And we have to choose sides.”

15. They are with us in moments of hardship and affliction
“They are near in affliction, temptation and disappointment. The moment you die, you are taken by the hand, by an angel, and escorted into the presence of God. You don’t die alone. That’s why it’s so wonderful when a Christian dies—when a true believer dies! Because you’re going into the presence of Christ escorted by an angel.”

16. Angels execute the judgments of God
“They execute the judgments of God. They were the ones that came and destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. And they are going to be the executors of God’s judgment.”

17. They throw a party when someone is born again
“But there’s one other thing that Jesus taught about angels … He taught that when one soul repents of sin, when one person turns to Christ, the Bible says that the mighty angels of God rejoice. Think of it! Up in heaven, they shout for joy over one person, just one person, coming to Christ.”



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