Opeyemi DUROTOYEYou have possessed my Heart,
I am being drown with your fart
You are such a good art, and dart
How long will I held this fact.
I have kept it so long, and no longer again,
Thought its never late to wait for the right moment
Before the sun sets, It been too late
Does love have timing?
Is patience not it lotion?Will you release my blood for circulation?
Let go of my shadow, and follow the brand path?
It was my thought that Love is expensive
Thriving for gold for our goals
Oh let me go, let me go the path you show me
I shall surely find rest for my soul with the LordGo with your new found fly,
Go with the dowries, and those sweet memories
Go win with your new moment of Love
Go and Live forever priceless.Let me be in my isolation
Keeping mute without being Pride fuel
knocking out every dread challenges
what is meant for me will found me
The perfect rib, and bone.Is Loving debt?
I have not record of Duping you
Not a record of Crime against you heart
Whose fault? Neither any
It is meant to be so from the beginning
Let me be as being made for the finger fitly for the ring
It is just Splash, not plash.


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