– Kofoworola Akinsiku

The Morning is the period of time between midnight and noon. It is that very period where everything or work begins from. The Morning is the peak of the day,the lunch and determinant of each passing day. Therefore everything we do with our morning speaks forth and birth results at night.

To have a successful Morning ,Let us take a close looks at a few persons who had successful lives on earth and how they treated their Mornings.

The first and perfect example is no one but our Lord Jesus. The only one whom “ …a voice from heaven (GOD) introduced to the whole of creation as “ My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased…” (Matthew 3:17, Mark 1:11, and 2 Peter 1:17 ) and Mark 9:7,Luke 9:35 and Matthew 17:5 went further to say “ … Hear Him…” So if God Himself instructed that we hear Him, don’t you think we should study closely how He (Jesus Christ) took His Mornings/ days!

Luke 21:37-38 and John 8:2,tells us something interesting. It tells us that early in the morning, Jesus would go into the temple to teach and even our ancestors who understood the importance of hearing Christ would go as early to hear Christ teach them. The book of Matt 14:23 told us that Jesus went on a mountain to pray ( This prayer possibly took place from morning until evening or began at noon).

Also, after ‘The Last supper’ as it is popularly called, Jesus went with His disciples to Mount of Olives. We all know what He went there to do-to pray (Matt 26:36). It was there He (Christ) urged the disciples to Watch and pray (Matt 26:41). Did you see that He was surprised to see them sleeping at the hour He prays?

Friend, try taking further studies of when Jesus mostly has His prayer session, and you will discover that He mostly prayed in the morning. You may get to discover that some scriptures referred to the time Christ prayed to as nights,but remember that the scriptures we read were translated from Greek and Aramaic. Also, matt 14:25 said the fourth watch of the night is between 3:00 -6:00 am; If this were so, it could imply that the early hours of those days may have been referred to as nights (possibly because people still slept)

What am I driving at friends?
The early hours of the morning should be a time set aside to pray. It should be a time to Hear Him, even as our ancestors did in Luke 21:37-38. You will also discover that in most if not all cases, He went to a mount-a solitary place, a quiet place. It means that you need a quiet time with Christ. A place so quiet, you can hear and perceive the slightest whispers of Christ (remember 1kings 19:12-13). No wonder, after the Holy Spirit has come upon Christ, it was written that He was led into the wilderness, where there would be no human disturbance.

Remember that it was after the wilderness experience that the devil came to test Him. Had He not had the wilderness experience, would He have been able to overcome those temptations?
Seek the Lord early before you move into the day, and you would be well equipped to face the day!!!


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