AWAKENING – Affirmation Day 1

From the depth of my heart
My spirit brings back the breath of God in me
My mind is open to electrifying experience with God
The presence of God overwhelms me
As I arose to my place in Christ
Like the rising sun that shines.

Everything dead in me spiritually awake now
My spiritual antenna begin to function
On the frequency of the heaven
No hot today, cold tomorrow
I remain on point with God

Therefore, Awake oh my Soul
My study and prayer life becomes the order o the day
Revelations becomes the result of my study and prayer
I receive strength to keep the prayer altar fire burning
I receive grace to study through the light of the scriptures

Again I say Awake oh my Soul!
For the set time is now!
Time to awake out of sleep
No more spiritual slumber
No more spiritual laziness

I become spiritually conscious
I refuse to be lost in the flesh
My supernatural determines the natural
Awake oh my Soul
To the brightness of my glory

I think with spiritual consciousness
I act in spiritual consciousness
I walk in spiritual consciousness
I work with spiritual consciousness

#iAffirm #Awakening P.C #AphroismCity


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