AWAKENING: Morning Session Day1

Do you know that when you have certain knowledge about things related to prayer, your prayer life will be much easier because most times there are some prayers we don’t have to be praying at all?

You see the total summary of a believer is PRAYER AND THE WORD. You need to have the knowledge of the word so that you can know the will of God about certain things and how you can tender it in prayer backing up with scriptures. There are some things that don’t even need prayer if you are very conversant with the word may be all you need is to obey, since the Bible is basically made up of two things: Instructions and Principles.

Looking at 2kings 6:15; after Elisha was surrounded by the army, his servant (which I presumed to be Ghazi) asked a question: Alas, my Master! How shall we do? If it were to be in this era, the question would have Alas, master, won ti pa da get wa. You see, when you have knowledge about certain things especially who you are in Christ Jesus, you won’t be asking some question even if you in the midst of storms, you are very confidence in God! That is not where am going though. Let’s leave that for another day.

In response to that question, Elisha said Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they be with them. That was a creative word!

But the servant was still like, does this oga knows what he is saying at all? Who are the people with us?
Elisha a man of understanding, he didn’t even argue with him, he only prayed one Prayer, just one!; Lord open his eyes. Kayaa say understanding.

Elisha was very conscious of who he was by the knowledge he had, he knows that there are heavenly army attached to him. No wonder Papa said that prophets are spiritual territorial commander they are heavenly defended.

Elisha had the understanding that he doesn’t need to argue with his servant, he knew that the servant was blinded spiritually; he knows that if only God can open his eyes that settled the case. And he prayed a very simple short and concise prayer: Lord open his eyes! May God open our Eyes!

I really want to focus on prayer; I just have to first establish the truth that you get the best of prayer through understanding of the word and you put the word to work through prayer! Be guided!


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