What you Need to know about SHILOH from Inception till Date

In the Bible, Shiloh was the major Israelite worship center before Solomon’s temple was built in Jerusalem. Shiloh was chosen as the worship center of Israel after the conquest of Canaan.

Recall that after the Children of Israel conquest of Canaan, the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant were installed in Shiloh? making Shiloh the first center of worship in the Promised Land.

References are made to Shiloh in the Books of Joshua, Judges, 1 Samuel, 1 King, Psalms, and Jeremiah. According to Judges 21:19, the Shiloh of old is situated north of Bethel, east of the Bethel–Shechem highway, and south of Lebonah in the hill-country of Ephraim.

Shiloh has been synonymous with miracles; from Joshua leading the Children of Israel to victory after worshipping God at Shiloh, to God using his prophet Eli to open the barren womb of one of Elkanah’s wife Hannah, who later conceived and bore the Prophet Samuel.

Living Faith Church Shiloh
The modern-day Shiloh which is an annual gathering of Christian faithfuls of the Living Faith Church Worldwide (A.K.A) Winners Chapel, at the church’s international headquarters in Canaan land, Ota, is a mandate from the book of Joshua 18:1
Every year in December, the Living Faith Church hosts a global event called Shiloh. The church says the mandate for this event is drawn from the Bible books of Joshua 18:1 and 1Samuel 1:3. The event is held mostly in the first week of December.

Date and Theme of Shiloh:
Shiloh 1999: Encounter With Destiny
Shiloh 2000: Heaven On Earth
Shiloh 2001: From Glory To Glory
Shiloh 2002: What Wisdom Is This!
Shiloh 2003: All Things Are Possible
Shiloh 2004: Showers Blessings
Shiloh 2005: Possessing Your Possessions.
Shiloh 2006:destined To Win
Shiloh 2007: More Than Conquerors
Shiloh 2008: Manifestation Of The Sons Of God
Shiloh 2009: Hour Of Restoration
Shiloh 2010: Breakthroughs Unlimited
Shiloh 2011: Waves Of Glory
Shiloh 2012: Double Portion
Shiloh 2013: Exceeding Grace
Shiloh 2014: Heaven On Earth
Shiloh 2015: From Glory To Glory
Shiloh 2016: My Case Is Different.
Shiloh 2017: A New Dawn
Shiloh 2018: Dominion
Shiloh 2019: Breaking Limits

Source: Believesportal

Stay tuned as we keep you updated on Shiloh 2019 – Breaking Limit!

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