SHILOH 2019 (Breaking Limit): Quotes from Day One, Encounter Night – “Little Fear equals Little faith”- Bishop David Oyedepo

No fear at all equals great faith – Bishop David Oyedepo

Faith is the master key to a world of unlimited possibilities -Bishop David Oyedepo

Great fear equals low faith. Little faith equals little fear. No fear at all equals great faith. -Bishop David Oyedepo

To Subdue is To Break Limit Bishop David Abioye.

New birth qualifies your access to spiritual understanding -Bishop David Oyedepo.

What kind of faith empowers believer to operate in the realm of no limit: Redemption Rooted Faith -Bishop David Oyedepo

Once saved is not always saved, Be careful of these flying doctrines around the world – that you are covered no matter what you do… Can I tell you the truth? You are not covered.

He that doeth righteousness is righteous. Jealously guard your salvation. -Bishop David Oyedepo

If you are saved, you will love God: if you are saved you will love righteousness : if you are saved, you will experience peace. Because His name is called the prince of peace and He now lives in you. -Bishop David Oyedepo.

Jesus went to save his people from their sins. He was sent to give life more abundantly… When our salvation is certified, those virtues begin to manifest. – Bishop David Oyedepo

Source: @davidoyedepomin

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