SHILOH 2019 (Breaking Limits): Quotes from Day Two, Hour of Visitation – “There is no software substitute for fasting – Bishop David Oyedepo”

There is no new generation truth. Truth is truth, take it or leave it. – Bishop David Oyedepo

There is no software substitute for fasting – Bishop David Oyedepo

Prayer and fasting is not punishment but for your flourishing -Bishop David Oyedepo

If you have good conscience you will not calculate how to defraud your brother – Bishop Thomas Aremu

Without good conscience faith will not deliver the expected result – Bishop Thomas Aremu

Most Christians pray because they intend for God to hear but they have no conviction that God will hear them. -Pastor David Oyedepo

Dedication brings you to a place where you will be able to get priority attention from God- Pastor David Oyedepo.

The subject is non-negotiable when it comes to breaking limits. There is no limit to a man who’s operating by faith. – Pastor David Oyedepo jnr.

The value of any seed is in its planting. An unplanned sees is a valueless seed. – Pastor David Oyedepo jnr.

God’s passage to your life is your heart Bishop David Abioye

There’s active faith and passion faith, there is heart of unbelief and the heart of faith. – Bishop Thomas Aremu

Faith has not connection with the head, it is with the heart – Bishop David Abioye

Your heart is the cooking pot of faith- Bishop David Abioye

Source: @davidoyedepomin

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