Over $1M Raised by Hillsong Church to Support Australian Wildfire Relief

Hillsong Global Church announced that over $1 million have been raised to relief the wildfire victims in Australia where more than 24 people died, 2,000 home lost becoming a tragic incident for the people.

The church will be teaming up with other ministries like Salvation Army, Red Cross and other volunteers who are directly affected by the wildfires.

As posted on the senior pastor Instagram page that $1,003,955,52 has been raised by the Hillsong Global Bushfires appeal.

In a tweet by the church reads; “As a church we’ve come together over the past few weeks and extended generosity to those suffering and the emergency service workers who are giving up their holidays to work tirelessly to protect homes, land and families in the path of the fires.”

The country is calling on Christian all over the world to pray as the fire is still burning in the states of New South Wales and Victoria. “Australia needs your prayers America,” said Luke Gibbons, a volunteer working in the country. “We need it right now. Because we’re seeing some incredible things happen through prayer over the last few weeks and firefighters have said how much they appreciate those prayers as well.”

However, the government shows commitment to to pay “whatever it takes” for the recovery of what has been lost as an extra $2 billion Australian dollars ($1.4 billion US) toward the recovery effort in addition to the tens of millions of dollars that have already been promised.

The church appreciates those who have supported this effort and requested for prayer “Please continue to pray for our nation, our leaders, firefighters, and communities affected and for rain that will end the drought in our scorched land.”

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