It is not what we pray for
But it what eventually happen
We don’t want to see it
But we always want to employ it

It doesn’t just jump on men
But men jump on it
How can it be?
…Without a track record?

Re visit your track record
You jumped on it
In unconscious of conscious mind
It has been a nursing nature

Nooo you weren’t hexed
You hexed you, in whammy
You brought yourself to this
Perhaps not you, your antecedent

It’s a free world, fuming is permissible
Can you get over it?
So that you won’t fume
To forbid sizzling steaming storm

Here is the bliss
It can be brokenly averted
Except they work of law
Are under the curse

As Christ redeemed you
Hung on a jinx tree
Ye have a promise
The Grace standeth sure!

Jesus loves you, click here to claim it


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