What do we understand by the Word Gratitude?
Gratitude is the act of being grateful or thankful. Now as little as the word is it is very germane to our prosperity as children of God. Prosperity not in wealth alone but everything including our longevity.

Gratitude as defined by Merriam Websters is the state of being Grateful . Gratitude is so important that even the scripture admonishes us to practice it.

1 Thessalonians 5:18, “ In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you”
Gratitude is one of the Will of God for our lives. This simply means irrespective of what we pull through on a daily basis we must be Thankful.

A grateful person is a happy person. To live a happy life and peaceful one, gratitude is an apt principle to apply as it functions on practice. For every act of gratitude there is a reward. Gratitude helps to straighten out relationships with people .

However, gratitude is not void of itself as there is always a recipient in the practice of Gratitude .
Mostly, Gratitude is being appreciative of a kind gesture received from someone. This is done to show how grateful or how honored to have received such help. That is how little “thank you” can go a long way in someone’s life.

There is someone out there who just want to hear a “Thank you” just to move on and get his or her spirit charged or motivated. Apart from it being an appreciative gesture, it also open doors for other opportunities.
How do I mean? An adage in my tribal language says ‘ Eni to ba dupe ore ana yo ri mi gba’. That is He who is thankful for yesterday’s gesture is entitled for another.

As Christians we pray and pray and yet we receive nothing. This is not because God does not hear . He definitely does, even before we approach him, He knows our intent but we as Christians have failed in our parts to apply some principles which hinders our prayers. Paul and Silas prayed but when there was no sign of freedom, they entered into Thanksgiving. They thanked God in the state they were.

I am sure that if it were you and I , it will not even occur to us to do that, the only thing we will do is to murmur.
Jesus is a very good example. Before Jesus ask for anything He give thanks first and He receives. Thanksgiving is a confirmation of your Faith in God, Your Thanksgiving moves God because I am sure He His always overwhelmed with the fact that you have so much joy and Hope in someone who you have not seen before.

Your act of Gratitude is one of the greatest step of Faith. You don’t show gratitude to big things alone, every act of kindness done to you deserves your thanks. Your act of gratitude is not limited by age.

Therefore irrespective of the age, learn to say a big thank you to anyone that offers you any thing. Reason being that an act of gratitude goes a long way in the life of the recipient because it makes them elated and also gives them a sense of belonging.

Your act of gratitude can save a depressed soul.
In addition to this, it makes you feel happy. Therefore let us always have the attitude of gratitude . The first one who deserves our attitude of gratitude is God not because of any stringent reasons but because He is God and for all He has done (Psalm 92:1).

We should also learn to say “thank you” to our parents, friends, family and everyone that extends kindness to us as little as it maybe .


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