BOOK REVIEW: Wisdom From Above – David Abioye

The book titled, Wisdom From Above is also called a revolutionary book by the author Bishop David Abioye, this book shows how you can live a life which is above all contrary conditions and also influencing the world around you.

The author made it known that a product is standardized and valued according to how their manufacturers is rated so is every believers rated superior in everything because of where they come from.

The book is an earnest and explicit attempt at examining the root, rudiments, resources and roles of wisdom in projecting the beauties of redemption in the life of a believer. It presents deep, thoughtful, applicable and scriptural principles on the subject matter, captured in a prophetic undertone that takes you beyond mere academics to a personal spiritual encounter.

It also shows that there is what is called Spirit of wisdom which is the heritage of everyone who is born of God and its operates without age, colour, education, experience, station or status. The emergence of wisdom is heralded by the move of the Spirit.

This book explores:

  • Types of Wisdom: these are earthly Wisdom, Sensual wisdom, Devilish wisdom and Divine Wisdom.
  • Elements of Divine wisdom: these include, Inspiration, creativity, revelation, guidance.

Also, purpose of Divine Wisdom is been sight seen in the book. how to Boost Divine Wisdom among many other was also topic for discourse.

If you really want to go deeper in the school of wisdom, kindly do yourself good by getting the book, read, understand and apply because that is uttermost expression of wisdom.

Jesus loves you, click here to claim it

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