Opeyemi Durotoye

Cities is become isolation
Fear in the spine
Faith shivering
Faces shrink
Walking with dearth of thoughts
And no spring of it cause.

Is this not Curse?
Is this not Cost?
Is this not Lust?
Is this not War?
Is this not Worse?
Is this not Wrath?

Who are the inventor?
Who are the benefactor
Of this dreadful sage
From effort of its class
Becoming global Factor
Making the world a fateful space

The world needs salvation,
Who shall save her from this Carnivorous Horror?
Terrorising her jurisdictions
With her People Panicking
For Survival is dangling,
She is in Need,
She need a Saviour.

Opeyemi Durotoye
© Daniel Company 2020
Endnote: Where Love is entangle, the People struggles for Survival…

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