COVID19: Pakistian Christians Denied of Aid

It has been reported by the International Christian Concern (ICC) that Christians in Pakistian were being denied of humanitarian aid due to their belief.

Aside, several reports of discrimination, a local mosque cleric told some Christian families that foods are only being distributed to Muslim families alone.
On Sunday, April 5, more than 100 Christian families from Sandha Kalan village, located in the Kasur district of Pakistan’s Punjab province, were excluded from a distribution of food aid. Shahakeel Ahmed, a local Muslim and human rights defender, told ICC that Sheikh Abdul Haleem Hamid, a cleric at the local mosque, decided that the food aid would be distributed to only Muslim families.

The aid, collected by a village management committee and mostly made up of foodstuffs, was reportedly designed to be distributed among all the deserving families of the village. However, when the aid was distributed, Sheikh Hamid did not allow even a single Christian family to receive aid, Faithwire reports.

However, plans to send food to the impoverished, “vulnerable” Christians have been made as the act was seen as “inhumane and discriminatory act.”

According to faithwire, Pakistan ranked 5th on Open Doors’ annual list of countries most difficult to be a practicing Christian. Open Doors reports that Christians in Pakistan “suffer from institutionalized discrimination, illustrated by the fact that occupations seen as low, dirty and derogatory are reserved for Christians by the authorities.” In addition, “many Christians are poor and some are victims of bonded labor. There are middle-class Christians as well, but this does not save them from being marginalized or persecuted.”

And then there’s Asia Bibi, a Christian who spent nearly a decade on death row on blasphemy charges.

Pray for Christians around the world who live in countries hostile to their faith!

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