She is Sic,
Who and Who is to blame
She had no symptom lake
Everything goes wrong at her collapse
Medications become futile
Physicians are mute for this is Strange.

She is sic,
Cities droughting
No faces Delighting
For safety, everyone knitting
Knowledge banks drowning
Power houses smothering
For this lethal is Sucking

She is Sic
Of unknown Horror
Named for its terror
More than being whore
Luring many without Honour
And letting come bocor.

She is Sic
The street is filled with silence
Junction of Sirens
Closing without glass lens
Housing without guests
This is of a truth, tests!

She is Sic
Thus, it is called Pandemic
Where are its Medic
To ease of this horrific
And give to our soul academic
That will longer be terrific

She is Sic
The Earth want rest
From all of this stress
Without any traces of its test
Giving pendicle best.
She is Sickly desired to recovert.

Opeyemi Durotoye Lines
©Daniel Company


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