POEM: Seeking Virtue

John Adams

Long gone are the bright and simple days,
Forgotten are the good old righteous ways,
There’s no fine line between wrong and right,
This era we live in is an illustration of plight,
Pride, envy, gluttony, greed, lust, sloth, and wrath,
Evil resides at each corner and every path,

The truth is buried, the lies are afloat,
Remnants of innocence lie in a sinking boat,
Where values and morals cease to exist,
Violent crimes and debauchery naturally persist,
As gratitude and empathy becomes a sham,
Love and loyalty turn out to be the face of a scam,

We watch the world burn and feed the fire,
Once wronged, injustice with entirety is the only desire,
Living without meaning, running faster than time,
The devil buys our souls because they don’t cost a dime,
Divided by civilizations, eager to wage war,
In the middle of this chaos, who knows what we’re fighting for,

Defective law and order, a recipe to disaster,
Individual beliefs and no concept of the hereafter,
Abandoning what matters because we’re hungry for power,
When nature strikes back, egoism begins to cower,
The outbreak of a pandemic reminds us of death,
In the moment of doom, a bigger force is our only bet,

We pray to God as we rebuild our faith,
Embracing our religion, we hope it isn’t too late.

Jesus loves you, click here to claim it


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