Opeyemi Durotoye

Go see them in their nativity
Where they carry out activity
They were, but naive kitty
During days so litty
Feed bitty.

Pray to ‘bit the sand’ in jiffy
For this had made them Pussy
Satiation was tricky
Not Now, days gritty
And knotty.

Living as no class
Without recommendation glass
Nothing lost, gain in the pass
Long in run of our tries
If no care Now, past maybe our lives.

No visit at dawn
Who cares as night drawn
Might be the last night we live on
But we cry with heart so frown
Hope this be not Prophesy
Unto our souls?

We are slumites
Knitted in this dreadful sage
Let not our souls knock-down
Before the end of the lockdown
A peep with Love saves.

©Daniel Company
#LockDown 2020

Jesus loves you, click here to claim it


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