“Humanly speaking, it is impossible” Dolly Parton Reveals Bible Verse that stirs her Hope

In a conversation with Hoda Kotb of NBC, Dolly Parton noted the specific Bible verse that that has served her as a “beacon of light” in difficult times.

The Grammy Award winner who has donated $1 million to coronavirus research and also provided protective supplies to medical personnel brings to mind the possibilities of thing with God, noting what Jesus told his disciples as recorded in Matthew 19:26, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.”

“I actually think a lot about things that my mama used to say and things I learned in the church growing up,” Parton told Kotb. “And I still love the Scripture that, through God, ‘all things are possible.’ And that just covers so much territory. And it’s like God is able to clear everything up.”

“God is able to heal, God is able to open people’s eyes, open people’s hearts, if we allow it,” she continued. “To me, I always thought that was a good Scripture, even when I feel weak within myself, I think that, through God, ‘I can do this.’ All things are possible.”

Parton who started a weekly video series reading books to kids believes that this season is the time to learn from God and avenue for people to turn “to their faith more.”

“We just kind of drift along like leaves in the wind, and then when something like this happens, it just jolts you and you just panic, you just freak, and then you really realize how small we are in comparison to what matters,” she explained.

Using former American President’s quote, Franklin D. Roosevelt who said in 1933 that “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.” Stating that people should be encouraged rather than being afraid even if things seem abnormal and “ask God to strengthen you.”

“You really need right now to take personal inventory and actually just look at the world and see what all we can do to make life easier and better for each other,” Parton said.

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