Overcoming Challenges by what you Say

Taking our bearing from Job 3, one of the things that trap someone in his adversary is what you say with your mouth which can either save or destroy you. That is why the bible says “the power of life and death is in the tongue.”

This exactly what kept Job in that position for long time, cursing the day he was born. Job 3:1

Though being in a difficult or challenging situation might be very painful and distasteful especially when you have a good and clean record before God just in the case of Job. But curse will never do you any good or restore the good old days but rather do more harm than expected.

One thing is that, this curse comes as a result of what you think, the thought in your mind for the Bible says ‘out of the abundance of heart mouth speaks’. So definitely you weren’t thinking in the positive way but negative because your cursing shows that, which automatically means there is no way you want to see positive aspect of the challenge as the scriptures says ‘all things work together for good, for those that love Christ.’

And when you are thinking in the negative direction there is no way you want to see the way out because your mind is not working towards that.

A positive thinking will only produces positive result while negative thinking will also produces negative result; it’s just the matter of time.

In fact, seeing challenges from the negative perspective will make you see life as if it bad including what God has provided for you. This is exactly what made Job talked that way.

You see, the truth is that Jesus did not promise us a challenge free life. Yes he never said that. John 16:3 says “in this world you shall have tribulation” but the good news here is that he said we should be of “good cheers, he has overcome the world.”

So, definitely for any challenge that comes your way has already been overcame by Jesus, it’s now left for you to tap into the victory Jesus has provided for you!

But you can’t do that by cursing with your own mouth; there is no way you want to walk in the victory of Christ, that your mouth is not just meant for eating.

You have the mouth, so that you can speak to the challenges and declare your victory, remember what Luke 21:15 says “for I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.”

Overcoming challenge is in your hands, its all depend on what you do with your mouth! Don’t forget the scriptures told us in Job 22:28 that “decree a things and it shall be established.”


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