HOW NOT TO MISS OUT – P Daniel Oluwande

When God gives you an idea, you are not the only one that receives it.
The first person to act is the owner.
Do you observe that there are somethings God asked you to do and someone else is doing it somewhere.

Divine thoughts are for sons not for a son.
God told Elijah that there are seven thousand prophets that won’t bow to Baal. God cannot allow His plan to be wasted,
If God speaks to you and you are not acting, someone else heard the same thing and is already acting on it.

God’s plan can never be stranded but the person to execute the plan can be changed.

This is the balance, every divine idea needs to pass through a divine incubation period, when God drops an idea, go to God in prayers to download the particular strategy for execution, the location for execution, the period of execution and the execution team.

The team for baseball cannot be the same team for football, you must know how to use people strategically in your life.

The first way to act is not to jump, it is to go to God in prayers and download the software and hardware needed, then you move without hesitation.

Don’t leave God’s plan inside your jotter, let it enter your heart and mouth then your hand.

Don’t wait for perfect system, there is nothing like that, God told Moses move towards the sea, the Red Sea will not part unless you move towards it, don’t wait for the Red Sea to part before you move, move forward then the Red Sea will part into two and you will walk on dry land.

Learn to ask God questions (how, when, with who, where) and not just be shouting o deep when God speaks to you.

May you not loose your assignment,
Watch out Stadiums shall be full and also online shall be full at the same time says the Lord.

I see a burning generation

Source: P. Daniel Olawande |Published with permission

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