DID YOU KNOW : The number of Animals Mentioned in the Bible?

  • The last word in the Bible is Amen
  • The first authorized Bible printed in English is the Great Bible of 1539. King Henry VIII of England declared that it should be read aloud during the church services in the Church of England.
  • The Books of the Bible were written by approximately 40 men of diverse backgrounds – most of which were uneducated.

Among them were: Kings (David and Solomon), doctors (Apostle Luke), prophets (Samuel, Nathan), politicians (Daniel), priests (Ezra), military leaders (Apostle Paul), tax collectors (Matthew), fishermen (Apostle John), poets, shepherds (Moses) and prisoners. Moses and the Apostle Paul wrote most of the Bible, 5 and 14 books respectively. Followed by the prophet Samuel and the priest Ezra who both authored 4 books

  • There are approximately 125 animals mentioned in the Bible.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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