Kingsword Onyedikachi Amadi

Can I tell you that 20 years from now, what will keep you on earth is not even who you know, it’s the God you know now.
Oh! Friend, if you are just after the men you will know, I wonder what will hold you in the days to come.

Because there are coming times and seasons on earth when no man will be able to help any man and it’s not because they don’t want to but because they cannot.

Can I tell you that in the face of desperate situations; issues of life and death, if you like, chant the name of all the big men you know that nothing will change?

When jungle mature, bring out all the complimentary cards you have and all the contacts you have and get ready for huge disappointment.

Because there are even coming times when money will be useless no matter how much of it you have.. You will not make sense here if you have not touched the Lord.

Oh Lord, in the times when everyone will be bragging over the paper(complimentary card) that their fellow men gave them, Lord put on my head what my fellow man can not give me.

I know that men can brag with the kind of father or spiritual father they have and the kind of men that submit to them but would you not put in our hands what can span eternity? What can outlive us that our generation as busy as it is will not be too busy to notice that God lives in a man?
Lord, help us forget our contacts many times. If possible Jesus, help us forget our men many times so that we can totally rely on you our God and look for you for vain is the help of man.

No man can help us raise the dead in our cities and streets if not you.
No man can help us raise the wheel chairs in our communities.

No one can help us heal the sick people in our time if not you.
We cannot call the name of any of the Governors we know and any dead man would have such respect for them to rise.
Ooh, Lord, we can not shout the name of our connected and rich uncle in the ear of any deaf man and the ear would be afraid of their name and open.

We don’t want to fill our diary with names of men that are helpless too when we can have you, the omnipotent power!
Not one sinner can we save, not for once and you know!
We cannot bring out any of our degrees, including the best of class and it does on earth what only you can do.

Our generation does not even want to know how much of degrees we have, they want to see you through me and please teach us Lord that no man can help us if you don’t help us in this holy journey;

Thanks to everyone that called me to check up on me while I was away online. I was not raptured, I have been on earth, smiles…

Thanks for your messages, prayers and care…I appreciate and I love us all.

God will help us more and more!
If you don’t mind,
Let us pray!

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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