POEM: Beware of your friends!

– Isitalks
You must have heard this line over a thousand times, I know.
Please, hear it again!!!

Who else has noticed?
That the people you surround yourself with
Your friends, your circle
Your peers. …..they most times only want to see the YOU they met at first
The don’t want to see the progressive YOU.

They want to roll with the normal YOU , the extra ordinary YOU, they’re scared of.
Maybe not scared…but, they’re not into that progressive YOU.

Why?! Nobody wants to be left out, nobody wants to have you on the same page and level with them…then, see you leave.
They watch you, they see you, they follow you…but, they’re not in support of your progress. Why? Because, they’re not ready to leave that stage.
Beware of these ones!!!

Ask yourself why your so called pals can repost a picture of you with them, a picture of you doing the everyday normal, a picture of you constituting shenanigans…lol
But, the moment you drive forward into progress, they don’t want that you.
They don’t want to repost that you.
Although,they see that YOU.

It’s not because they don’t love you…
It’s just all because they’re not used to the extra ordinary, progressive YOU.
The love and want to roll with the “stupid” YOU, the childish YOU, the everyday YOU!!!
Beware of these ones!

Listen, surround yourself with people with vision and prospect…
You don’t want to grow outside your circle and feel sorry for it, no!

Have a Pleasant day 🤗


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