POEM: Service!

– Isitalks

All I do is serve…
That’s how I get all I have

I am like a sheep
Residing in His ship
That’s why I cannot be ill
Everytime I look up to the hill
He would always heal…

The Lord is my strength💪
His love has no length
How else could I have survived 🤷
Oh! God had me revived
….So much relief
….So strong a belief
Green as a rich leaf

I used to run🏃
Until I met the Son💃
..and He made me shine like the sun⛅
Now… serving God is fun!

Lord, all I want to do is to serve
What is life without you?
Nothing! But, vanity!
Now, I am a touch not entity
Filled with ability
With a great conformity
Wonder why I work with *ruggedity?*

He gives me signs
That help my lines
All I do is pay my fines
Which is my reasonable Service….

Enemies beware….I tell you
God is aware…..He tells me
And, I’ll always adhere.

Serving God is so cool!
Feels like I’m in a pool…🏊
People think I’m a fool😑😂
Oh? I’m just full
And filled… with the fullness,
Blessedness, sweetness and greatness of His love.

This I find in His word
As I am not of this world…
He preserves and reserves ..
Even when I feel I don’t deserve
Do I?
He still conserves..!
I will serve
Until I’m heard.

Service to God pays
He says…
All your days,
I will keep your ways
Yes! My days are kept
Like the baby Jesus slept
He grew, and for us, He wept
Now, I can scream
I’m blessed!!!!

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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