Growing age,
Lessser viewings
Thoughts changing
With strong desires to fulfill
It grows so passionate
Bursting our artilleries.

Every moment of the dead day
I look through the window
Unto the sky my gaze
To the calm terrain first
For any walking spirit
Up I see no Cloud
What seeth I?

It takes away my rest
For a thoughtful moments
Until I have close my eyes again
I seeth bundles of Purpose
Wangling the streets
Those underworld come here not again
To live theirs, for they are not member.

Seeing they see, but perceived not,
Hearing they hear, but understand Not
For their heart is darkened
They are blind,
Fill with negative thoughts
What seeth thou?

In era of darkness,
The eyes is brighter to see the ground
for the Feet to tread
Look into thyself again
Some is able born from thy vision.
What see YOU!



Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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