Kingsword Onyedikachi Amadi

The blind sees….
The 10 lame walked…
The dead are rising but we are not deceived.
By the Grace of God, we have seen several miracles, super creative miracles even on the road but we can’t be deceived.

When you begin to feast with God from a sincere heart as a believer, demons may see you and jump out of people even without prayer.

The deaf may just touch you and start hearing for the first time.
You may not even have a 6hours daily prayer life like your Pastor but yet you are doing more than he is doing in the miraculous.

Everyone in the Church may celebrate you. People may come to submit to you in that same ministry where you’re just a member of a department.

But your ability to control that stage of your life will determine if God would ever walk with you for a long time.
At the preliminary stage of your walk with God; God will give incentives, motivations and encouragement with some signs and wonders but don’t be deceived!

That is not the same realm where Benny Hinn is operating from.
Benny Hinn would lay his hand on the sick and they are getting healed after 10 years of walking with God faithfully.

And you just walked with God for 2months and you’re also doing one thing or the other, please don’t be deceived.
That is not your realm yet!

There is a system through which God lure men to the secret place.
He will open up a dimension for you in one meeting, you’re seeing all manner of spirit displays.

You will go again for another meeting and nothing will happen.
That is not your realm yet!

He only did the first to encourage you for your days of fasting and praying and so that you will know that such possibility is in you …. So you go and look for it.

There is a reason why a father will give a child biscuit in nursery school while they are going to school.
But will give a son in secondary school money.

One is an encouragement but the other is not. The other is choice. He can choose to buy something or not.

When you begin with God, by Himself, He will give you incentives but as you grow He will leave you with the choice to look for Him in deep waters or not.
Your Pastor also saw God the way you’re seeing now but he is where he is now based on his choice.

Don’t break out of your Church because of that encouragement that you call miracle.
Don’t become a headache to your Pastor because you think you’ve seen the move of God more than him.
You will regret it.

You’re seeing him and you’re wondering if he will not just stop preaching and give you the mic so that you can scatter the place with anointing.
Relax oh!

Listen to that nonsense, one day it will make sense to you.
You will know that it doesn’t only take tongues to stand for God for 20 years like that man you’re seeing.

When I see men that have stayed in God genuinely for a long time, I have more respect for them more than any miracle worker I have seen.
If you know them, please tell me, I need to know what kept them standing for 30 years carrying this Bible.

And if they are gracious enough, this your weak brother Kingsword would need their prayers.
Forget power move brother!
We know better.
My heart is burdened,
A generation of gifted people are overlooking their fathers because they think they are more anointed.

Chai! Those men who through faith and patience obtained the promise.
Not even tongues and rhema can bestow any eternal glory on you. Guys forget that thing!
Not power! Not fire!

It’s faith and patience that the Bible said.
My heart is burdened…
May we not watch these men go and not receive from them that thing that kept them and today they have gray hair.
Pastor Kumuyi may not be doing too many miracles.

Pastor Adeboye may not be shouting like you but can I tell you that what is on their head that kept them is not just anointing.
Please I need the prayers of genuine sincere men, this is what I need now.

It takes a lot for God to raise one genuine man in a generation!
I don’t know if you know that the days ahead will require something higher than the anointing.

And 20 years from today we will all know if we had that thing.
Pray for you dear brother, Kingsword, I have decided that I would be a true soldier and I will die at my post.
If you don’t mind…
Please, let us pray.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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