– Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

Charles H. Spurgeon, the prince of preachers, once said, “Ministry is like bees; it takes its nectar from different sources”.
This is true of the journey of many giants of Faith and great ministers of the Gospel across generational layers as they had different people make inputs in their callings including our own legendary Apostle Paul.

As you grow in your calling, God by His Grace and divine prerogative will sometimes link you up with certain graces and anointings in the Body of Christ whether by DIRECT CONTACT or by PROXY for the full deployment of the potentials of your calling.
The minister therefore has the duty to be sensitive and open to the Spirit of God without being stereotyped.

One cardinal truth that you must settle very early in ministry is that you can’t call the wisdom of God to question.
He alone has the ultimate power to determine the direction of your calling.

Sometimes you may need to make certain adjustments in your mind to be able to coast along with the plan and purpose of God for your life.
You may sometimes not “like” the person that God wants to use to bless your calling and add value to your ministry but you have to develop that likeness, and this becomes easy as we walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh.

God will not change the person on the basis of the fact that you don’t like him or her.
No, you will have to adjust and reset because it’s part of the process of brokenness and consecration you go through as a minister.

In ministry, God will use men and women for you. Your ministry can remain on the same spot if you do not receive them with joy and gladness.
Imagine if Apollos did not open up to receive the ministry of Aquila and Priscilla, he would still have been “flaunting” his knowledge of the baptism of John around, and there would be nothing more.

But when this couple came into his life, they expounded more perfectly unto him the way of God – Acts 18:26, and we see the result of this in that his ministry was rated alongside the ministry of Paul by the Corinthian brethren – 1Cor.3:4-6.

It therefore follows that ministry relationships and of course spiritual impartations will open up new vistas and frontiers to your calling.
They will equally destroy stereotypes and open up new horizons such that your calling will assume greater dimensions of expression and manifestation.

You see, in ministry, there are certain things that you do or get BY YOURSELF, e.g study of God’s Word, etc.

No minister will study for you but there are certain things you don’t get by yourself; God will USE OTHERS to administer them to you.
The Apostle Paul implied this principle while interracting with his son in the Faith, in the person of Timothy:

1 TIMOTHY 4:13
Till I come, give attendance to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine.
Now that’s what Timothy could do BY HIMSELF – READING. No other person would do that for him.

But then there’s another thing he got not by himself but BY THE IMPARTATION OF OTHERS. Look at the next verse.
1 TIMOTHY 4:14
Neglect not the gift that is in thee, which was GIVEN THEE BY PROPHECY, with THE LAYING ON OF THE HANDS of the presbytery.

Now Timothy couldn’t get the impartations on his own; the presbytery or community of elders had to administer Grace to him by impartation.
The truth is that God operates by PRINCIPLES; not SENTIMENTS.

He has positioned men on the road of your calling to IMPART you, and He may not do that directly by Himself except the one permitted by His own volition and prerogative.

Jesus appeared to Saul of Tarsus (who later became Paul) on the road of Damascus yet He didn’t minister healing and Holy Ghost Baptism to him directly; He had to link him up with a disciple of His, in the person of Ananias – Acts 9:10-18.

That’s very instructive!!! The Apostle Paul told the Roman Christians:
ROMAN 1:11
For I long to see you, that I may IMPART unto you some spiritual gift, to the end ye may be established;

IMPARTATION therefore guarantees ESTABLISHMENT in life and ministry and nothing can substitute for it.
Friend, you need IMPARTATIONS! I need IMPARTATIONS!! We all need IMPARTATIONS!!!

They make ministry work seamless and the journey smoother.
Let me at this point share a bit of my story to encourage someone out there.
By God’s Grace, I have received IMPARTATIONS over the years in the course of ministry work, and space will not permit me to go into details.

But let me just mention TWO MAJOR ONES that stood out in the year 2008.
I received IMPARTATIONS from the oil of God upon two of God’s generals, in the person of Dad Hagin and Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola.
I had been in ministry before then, about six years of ministry.

I had taught the Word before that time, written two books before that time, held different meetings before that time, established a Bible School before that time, ministered the Word, healings and Holy Ghost Baptisms plus deliverance before that time.

I wrote my first book in 2004 and the second in 2007 and when it came to fasting, the highest I ever embarked on before then was 21 days.
So, prior to that time, by God’s Grace, the WORD was like fire and prayer and fasting was a delight.

Then came the year 2008 and there was a SPIKE – the anointing increased exponentially and it significantly affected my Word MINISTRY and FASTING LIFE, and I was privileged of God to receive THESE TWO IMPARTATIONS from the ministries of Dad Hagin and Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola.

On Monday, 14th of January, 2008, in a vision encounter in the realm of the Spirit, I found myself in the United States of America, precisely at the main entrance of Rhema Bible Church (the Late Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin’s church) at Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
At that time, a Ministers’ Conference was underway.
Then I saw Rev. Kenneth Hagin Jr. with three other ministers who accompanied me to the podium.
While on the podium, I gazed at the Ministers’ session and I saw Dad Hagin himself and his wife Mama Oretha (remember that both of them had gone home to be with the Lord as at the time of this encounter).

Just at that moment, I saw Dad Hagin hold a copy of my book entitled, “BATON TAKERS: Raising A Prophetic Generation” which I published a year before i.e. year 2007.
The old man beckoned on me and I went to meet him.

I knelt before him and he laid his two hands on me with heavy sounds of tongues which he prayed over me for like ten minutes and said to me repeatedly, “SPIRITUAL STRENGTH, SPIRITUAL STAMINA. SPIRITUAL STRENGTH, SPIRITUAL STAMINA”.

The moment he said that, I fell under power and I was back in Nigeria!
You see, travelling to America from Nigeria and coming back to Nigeria from America within the space of fifteen minutes tells you that there’s no distance in the realm of the Spirit.

After I came back from America in that vision, I stood up and prayed in tongues for 3hours at a stretch to seal up that impartation.
You see friend, I lie not, for my conscience bears me witness in the Holy Ghost; after that encounter that same morning, I noticed THREE SUDDEN AND IMMEDIATE CHANGES in my life and ministry:

(1)AN ASTRONOMICAL INCREASE IN THE TEACHING ANOINTING – I gained deeper insight into the Word. I began to perceive greater depth in the Word like never before.
I remember vividly at the local church I was pastoring then, the Lord spoke to me to start a series of teaching on the topic,

“UNDERSTANDING THE KINGDOM: Exploring The Principles In The Parables”.
The Holy Spirit spoke clearly to me that the PARABLES of Jesus revolved around the PRINCIPLES of God’s Kingdom, because each time Jesus wanted to speak a parable, He would often ask, “Where unto shall we liken THE KINGDOM OF GOD? Or with what comparison shall we compare it?” – Mk. 4:30.
I took that teaching in church for like twelve to thirteen weeks.

Although I had been teaching before that time, never had that teaching anointing increased to such a level since I started out in ministry.
In the year 2018 for instance, I taught on the topic, “EXCEEDING GRACE” on Radio for a whole year and testimonies streamed in from different quarters on a regular basis to the Glory of our God alone. Friend, IMPARTATION IS REAL!

(2) MY TONGUES CHANGED INSTANTLY – I’d been baptized in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues since Sunday, 18th of March, 2001 and had been ordained into ministry since Sunday, December 1, 2002, but on that eventful day, there was a dramatic change in my tongues – my tongues began to sound like that of Dad Hagin’s up till now.

(3)SUPERNATURAL MEMORY – I started quoting streams of scriptures flawlessly since then (and that’s also typical of Dad Hagin).
I remember shortly after we got married on Saturday, 22nd of December, 2012, my wife conducted me to a meeting where I was invited to minister.

After the meeting, she said to me, “Sweet Love, I noticed that you quoted over 120 scriptures while ministering. This is the sheet of paper on which I noted everything”.
Well, it’s been so by God’s Grace ever since that encounter of January 14, 2008 where Dad Hagin laid his two hands on me.
Well, I just believe that you may not be the “SMARTEST” person, but if your heart can be humble enough to receive impartation of Grace from those who have gone ahead of you, you will eventually emerge as “A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH”.

There are certain things that we may not fully understand in ministry IMMEDIATELY but as we maintain an open heart in following God, our understanding gets better CONTINUALLY and we’ll fulfil our ministry EVENTUALLY.

That’s my own testimony of the “HAGINIAN FLOW”. Glory to God!

The second impartation came in August, 2008. I was invited to speak at a vigil organized by Youth Challenge Campus Fellowship, Federal Polytechnic, Ede, Osun State.

The theme of the programme was “THE PASSOVER” and that night, I spoke on the topic, “JESUS OUR PASSOVER” and the venue of the meeting was CAC, Talafia, Ede (the last holy ground that Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola stood before he passed on to Glory few hours later).

On the 26th of July, 1959, Baba Ayo Babalola was hosted by Prophet S. O. Akande (Baba Abiye) at CAC, Talafia, Ede, in Osun State alongside the top brass of CAC like Prophet D. O. Babajide and others.

While having his siesta in Prophet Akande’s room, the angelic chariots came for him, the entire building shook to its foundation and he blurted out with a great shout, “Hi, Hi, Hi” three times and he stripped off his mortal flesh.

All the men of God there present prayed very hard to bring him back but in the process, God opened the eyes of Prophet Akande and he saw Apostle Babalola standing before the gate of Heaven, laying down his sword and being welcomed by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Report has it that before the Apostle’s body was committed to mother earth, his face was grinning with smile throughout the period. It was such a glorious exit!

So, I stood on that same ground where the Apostle preached his last sermon, ministered to the people and prayed some “violent” prayers, using that same holy ground as a point of contact to connect everything that Baba carried.

Then in the midnight, I had an encounter with Apostle Babalola that heavily influenced my calling and ministry.
I found myself in that same room that he breathed his last, my back lying on the same spot from where he transited into Glory and stood up, totally changed to a new firebrand to God’s Glory.

Before that time, the highest I ever went in fasting was 21 days but afterwards I was able to fast for 110 days in preparation for the takeoff of our ministry and the rest is history.

And today, I live A FASTED LIFE, and that’s the pure fact to God’s glory alone!
I’m proud to be associated with Babalola’s dynasty despite my leaning and inclination towards the Word of Faith Movement.
I remember the year 2010 when I finished from Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, that was when I embarked on 110 days of fasting and prayer (splited into two sessions, 40 days first and 70 days second within a very short time interval).

On the last day of the 70 days of fasting and prayer, I was praying inside the net at Sports Complex when the voice of God thundered, “Son, I will cause you to step into the shoes of your fathers. I will make you five men in one”, meaning that God wanted to release five streams of Grace into my calling AS AT THAT TIME.

And the Lord began to mention the names of those five great men, “Joseph Ayo Babalola, Benson Idahosa, Kenneth E. Hagin, David Oyedepo, Francis Wale Oke”.
That day, God cut a covenant of “THE RIVERS OF OIL” with me, with this Scriptural validation:
JOB 29:6
When I washed my steps with butter, and the rock poured me out RIVERS OF OIL;
By God’s Grace and Mercy, ever since then, I have enjoyed SPIRITUAL FRESHNESS with daily renewal of strength to the praise of the Glory of His Name alone.

It’s important to note that THESE IMPARTATIONS did not come in a vacuum; I had been FOLLOWING these great men years before those IMPARTATIONS.
On the 15th of November, 2002, that’s the first time I went to propose marriage to my wife out of my naivety because we both finished from secondary school that year.

Among every other thing that I told her, I told her the people I was following in ministry and I remember I mentioned Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola, Bishop Francis Wale Oke, and others to her.

So, the IMPARTATIONS did not come in a vacuum; it’s a product of persistent followership and the spirit of honour.
The anointing you don’t honour will not flow to you. Water does not flow uphill; it flows downhill, for without all contradiction, THE LESS IS BLESSED OF THE BETTER – Heb.7:7.

The fastest way to go out of circulation in ministry is to begin to call your FATHERS your FRIENDS; to begin to place yourself on the same level and pedestal with them.
You see, your FATHERS can be FRIENDLY to you but they’re not your FRIENDS; THEY ARE FATHERS!!!

It is “possible” to do ministry without “IMPARTATIONS” – many people are like that.
They’re still in ministry and they have not denied Christ or abandoned the call, if you know what I’m talking about.

But then, it is FAR FAR BETTER to have higher graces nurture your grace.
You will do ministry on a “mega” level and what took the fathers years to “see” will be available for your “grab” in days. HONOUR IS THE KEY FRIENDS!

Great fathers in the Faith like Bishop David Oyedepo found out this secret very early in ministry and Grace has lifted them.
Bishop Oyedepo said a woman taught him prosperity, in the person of Mama Gloria Copeland.

Yet some people will say, “Hmmmn, a woman? No me!”. Okay now. No qualms!
Let’s wake up friends. It is not by GENDER; it’s by AGENDA. It is not by EDUCATION; it’s by REVELATION.

Education is important and by God’s Grace I’m educated. But if someone who is not educated carries the grace that I need, I will go “collect” and “connect” it.

The earlier our generation learns the VALUE and VIRTUES of IMPARTATIONS especially from men who have credible track record of a walk with God, the better for us and I believe that will go a long way in minimizing the number of casualties often recorded in the younger generation.

HONOUR is the key word here friends!
Let’s go for it!!
Remember: “The Grace you ATTACK, you cannot ATTRACT”!!!

Trust this is a blessing Sirs and Mas?

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow might be too late.

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