POEM: We are One

We look different, but we’re all born the same,
We didn’t get to choose our family, face, or name,
This life is a test; the world is our real estate,
Yet, we disregard equity to stand apart and discriminate,

Blinded by fortes, or suppressed by dearth,
We rely on bystanders to estimate our worth,
Striving to end our pain whilst slaughtering innocent souls,
Our concept for equality has far too many holes,

Why do you deserve better? How do you excel?
Why the jealousy when you’re both doing well?
Why are we never happy for each other?
Why don’t we value every woman like our mother?

Walking the same earth, breathing the same air,
Yet, the same rules don’t apply for everyone everywhere,
Education gave us status, but didn’t make us wiser,
At the end of the day, we are all self-centered; we are miser,

We declare majority as the authority,
Transforming our society into one nasty sorority,
Violence, bloodbath, and terrorizing turns into passion,
Treading over the weaklings becomes an ordinary fashion,
We forget that we are equals; we defy humanity,
We bury the horrifying facts to preserve our sanity,
If only we could realize that we are one,
This prejudice and warfare would be done.

Author Bio

John Adams writes about physiological traumas and personal healing. He encourages readers to fight their fears and overcome the obstacles holding them back. He believes that any person can improve the quality of his or her life by incorporating positivity in every thought and action. He loves to share his insight on life experiences, and contributes on various online platform in the same niche.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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