HOW TO MANAGE INFLUENCE!!! (Wisdom Keys To Lasting Impact In Ministry)

Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

Influence is Power!
Influence is Powerful!!
Influence is Magnetic!!!

Influence determines the posterity of your calling and ministry on the sands of time.
Influence can also determine your place in eternity in terms of placement and rewards.

The way you manage influence as a minister truly shows the depth of God’s wisdom at work in you.
Dr. Myles Munroe once said, “Leadership is influence”.

Epic! Great!! Powerful!!! Truth is that if you cannot manage influence, you will be a bad leader.
Whether you like it or not, your life, calling and ministry is having INFLUENCE on people, even if it is one single person, but the nature of that influence (whether good or bad) is up to you.

Influence is defined as the power that somebody or something has to make somebody or something behave in a particular way.

It is the effect that somebody or something has on the way a person thinks or behaves or on the way that something works or develops.

These two definitions are taken from Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary.
Simply put, INFLUENCE talks about IMPACT and EFFECT, and we all are products of influence.
As a minister, the day you realize the EFFECT of your words, actions and writings on people, you will tread more cautiously.

There are things you won’t say and there are things you won’t do, not because some of them are outrightly wrong but because of the EFFECT they can have on people, especially on people who so much trust you that they may not bother to investigate further.

To abuse influence in ministry is a grave offence. That has led to God cutting down and whittling down some people’s influence so as to preserve a generation.

You’re not BETTER than the people that God has graciously given you some level of influence on; you’re only PRIVILEGED.
Always have the mind that it could have been “anybody”; but God chose you by Grace.

Even if your circle of influence is not more than two or three, minister well to them and God will begin to promote you.
Never take anyone for granted, and don’t ever abuse influence in ministry ON ANY LEVEL.

Those sisters that submit to you trust you so well, therefore don’t begin to toy sexually with their sensitive parts.
Those brothers that follow you around trust you so much, therefore don’t start talking to them anyhow as if they don’t have a modicum of intelligence.

Dear friend, it’s important to note that INFLUENCE IS SUSTAINED BY TRUST IN MINISTRY.
The Word of God is having influence on me because I TRUST its power, potency and authority.

When God Almighty by His mercy begins to give you certain degree of visibility in the Body of Christ, then you will realize that to MANAGE INFLUENCE requires the wisdom of God.

Young ministers with large followership whether online or on ground need to take this to heart.
You can’t say anything that you like – it may be costly.
You can’t crack EXPENSIVE JOKES that will put you in a bad light or pitch your work againt the Body of Christ.

There are things you steer clear of not because they’re not LAWFUL but because they’re not EXPEDIENT – 1 Cor.6:12.
Actually, some things are “NOT CONVENIENT” for a servant of God – Rm.1:28.

If you’re just starting out in ministry or your ministry is still very young and people all over already know you as AN ABUSIVE MINISTER, don’t you think you need to have a second thought that the journey is still very far?

When certain things that happen on the landscape call for more questions, then we have no right to query or accuse God; we’re not privy to God’s private dealings with people in the past and their responses to those dealings.

When you come to a place where your word influences thousands of lives, then you need to be more careful.
Some have not been able to manage such level of visibility and they misfired.

Let me quickly highlight SEVEN STEPS to managing influence in ministry:
(1) REMAIN HUMBLE AND GRATEFUL TO GOD: Always maintain that attitude of humility, knowing that a man can receive nothing except it is given him from Heaven – Jn.3:27 and that there’s nothing we have that we have not received – 1 Corinthians. 4:7.

(2) DEVELOP SOUND CHARACTER: Anointing without CHARACTER is a DISASTER. Be kind, nice and gentle. Let the Spirit of Christ be formed in you – Romans 8:9.

(3) KEEP GROWING: Don’t ever slow down your pace of spiritual growth. Keep growing. Your influence level is directly proportional to your growth rate. Don’t ever let engagement with people take you away from your private spiritual routines.

(4) SET BOUNDARIES FOR YOURSELF: Don’t be like a city without walls where “everything goes” – Prov. 25:28. Have personal principles that you work by. No matter what, there are words I WILL NEVER USE on the pulpit. And by personal principle, I honour all my spiritual sons and daughters. Set boundaries that will keep you safe in the call.

(5) DON’T LISTEN TO THE CRITICS: There are people that simply envy you. They always seek to pick holes in everything that you say. Some are not happy that you have large followership across board.
So they pick up petty issues like, “Why must people call you “father” and the likes?”.

Some will turn what you said upside down and misrepresent it to the public.
Just ignore them. SPIRITUAL FATHERING IS SCRIPTURAL (people’s sentiments notwithstanding), and we follow the Word; not somebody’s personal prejudice.

(6) BE BOLD, ASSERTIVE BUT MEEK: You know; you can be very bold and principled in ministry yet all of that is manifested in all shades of meekness.
Sometime ago, a very senior minister told me to be careful of flamboyant ministry. So, I asked, “Sir, what’s a flamboyant ministry?”. And he said I like using pictures on my materials.

So, RESPECTFULLY I replied, “Sir, that’s not a flamboyant ministry; that’s just STYLE”. No all of us will write books without putting pictures on it while some will prefer that”. And you see, not all ministers will be addressed as “Brother So-and-so” while some just prefer that.

The Bible does not say, “He gave some Brothers and Sisters”. No, it says “He gave some APOSTLES, some PROPHETS, some EVANGELISTS, and some PASTORS AND TEACHERS” – Eph.4:11. A sound minister will seperate his PERSONAL PREJUDICE from WHAT IS WRITTEN.

By God’s Grace, I don’t teach to play on people’s sentiments (it’s childish); THE FULL COUNSEL OF GOD IS WHAT WE’RE CALLED TO PREACH. Case closed!

(7) BE SUBMITTED TO AUTHORITY FIGURES: You should be submitted to spiritual authorities for proper accountability, mostly your spiritual father, and then other authority figures in your life that can speak into your life.

These are VOICES OF CORRECTION, INSTRUCTION AND ENCOURAGEMENT in your life and they will preserve your work and influence.
Learning to MANAGE INFLUENCE in ministry is one of the greatest “goods” you can do to yourself.

Whatever you say or do, always think about lives and generations that could be affected and then trust the Spirit of wisdom to guide you.
When we look at how the entire human race became a bunch of sinners by Adam’s sin, then we think of INFLUENCE.

When we look at the unrest and distortions that bedeviled the world because of the birth of Ismael, we think of INFLUENCE.
And then, when we look at how the death and resurrection of Christ rescued humanity from the grip of sin and Satan, we think of INFLUENCE.

Influence is powerful!
Influence is a force of magnetism!!
Influence is everything!!!
Manage it well!!!
May the Lord grant unto us all a discerning heart and mind to know how to manage ministry influence to the praise of the Glory of His Name.
Trust this is helpful Sirs and Mas?

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow might be too late.

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