P. Daniel Olawande

Let us continue saying new normal and not contend for our face to face
Gradually the word God is being censored out of our content on television, very soon we might not have some access again.

We have not really done a good job with discipleship and raising men who can die for the cause of the gospel
Now we can go back and start afresh again
Very soon, very soon, we might loose all these social media access ooo
This my Instagram account @pdanielolawande was hacked for about a month before we were able to restore it by the Glory of God, what if it doesn’t come back again, will ministry finish or end.

Let us wake up, our assignment is to a people
We are sent to the uttermost part of the earth( this will be accomplished by the media) but we will start from Jerusalem (physically, face to face), we move judea to Samaria then social media will help us to achieve ends of the earth.

Why are we priding ourselves in ends of the earth when our Jerusalem is in shambles and nothing is done
How many disciples do you have , I am not saying how many fans or Instagram followers, I mean disciples
Jesus had in groups and categories based on their levels and commitment, we see the multitude, the 70 , we later saw 120 on the day of Pentecost, but the people that He raised to carry on the work are the 11 (after Judas left).

Sebi God is powerful, He would have sent Jesus in the realm of the Spirit and made us accept Him and work on us supernaturally, but no He didn’t do that, He sent Jesus to us Physically, none of us is as sophisticated or technological like God but He understand the power of Face to Face.

If After Peter seeing Him ( JESUS) face to face for 3 years and yet went back a fishing, Jesus had to take 40 days Sabbatical leave from heaven to come and restore peter and those who followed him, haba how much more someone who is watching 7 different churches on Instagram on Sunday morning and not able to sit to really take root downward, much information, little transformation.

Disciples are different from fans
Disciples can die for what you believe
Disciples will carry their cross to follow Jesus
I see a burning generation

Source: P. Daniel Olawande |Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow might be too late.

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