Persistent Persecution Turns China into a dangerous Place for Christians

Christians are seeking asylum in the United States after enduring religious persecution in China by communist officials.

According to Baptist Press, in a video interview by International Christian Concern released last week, a Christian named Liao Quiang, alongside his daughter and son-in-law shared the dangers of being a Christian in Communist China.

Liao had been a member of the Early Rain Covenant Church in Chengdu before the Chinese Community Party (CPC) shut it down in December 2018. Liao then fled to Taiwan with his extended family.

He asserted that the CPC, “makes you think that they are willing to compromise, because they know Americans care about freedom of religion. If China makes concession[s] in religious freedom, then [the] U.S. should compromise in trade. It’s CPC who politicizes religious freedom, not Christians.”

Liao noted that members of his church face continued persecution for their faith following its shutdown. The church’s founder, Wang Yi, and a church elder, he shared, were incarcerated.

The CPC also threatened Christian parents, telling them their children would be sent to government re-education camps if they are sent to church schools. Parents with adopted children are at risk of having them given back to their biological families.

“The reason why we left China is because the Chinese Communist Party is limitless in its persecution. They not only threatened us, normal adult, normal church members, but they threatened our children,” Liao said. “Some of our members have adopted children, and CPC forcibly sent the adoptive children back to the original family. That is the main reason why we fled China. Because we can’t guarantee our adopted child would not be taken away by them.” Continue story at Christian Headlines

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