“Dear Sister, as good as it feels to have those regular calls, to get those funny texts, or even to just see his face – if you want romantic commitment and he doesn’t, you’re hurting yourself every time you perpetuate the pattern. You’re delaying the inevitable, reinforcing the dysfunctional habit, deepening your own heartache, and extending your own loneliness.” This is the Message of Susan Rohrer to Ladies who have deepened an undefinable relationship with the opposite sex without serious attachment involved or any optimistic goals.

The Book is written in Novelty style, more like a Spiritual Literature as some dudes will love it call. It is not lesser to Inspirational content because the Author instilled every thoughts, events, with practical and Living instances. Its tones and themes were ryhmic, nothing could be seen omitted from the occasions surrounding the Book. Every idea were composed into Nine chapters with cites from the Holy Book.

The Book, Is God saying He is the One? Is an adventure into the world beyond of making a Life long choice about who the Man is? Just as this is one of the frequently ask question single Ladies who are ripe enough for Marriage ask God, often about their Male Best Friend, whom they thought he is going to propose marriage to them sooner, or the choice of the Man GOD is bringing to them to be His Bride.

Susan Rohrer, in her book instilled more thoughtful concern about this Heart-beating for still small voice of God to wave a Green light to their desire of the Guy choosen according to their human Affection due to intimacy level they both shared together. This is what Rohrer stated that it is a state of confusion, when A Lady who had reached marriagable age keep asking God about the Man she Loved without considerations to either the Gray-sky/Blue-sky challenges inherent of getting the Nuptial knotted with A Presume person.

Do the Author says even the God-Given don’t have Gray-sky challenges? No, she clearly made her thoughts known that if there will be, their shall always be Grace to endure and manage it together, unlike a presumably person. In marriage there is always misunderstanding of difference, peculiarities and territorial gains, these can be endure when it’s the Lord choice of Marriage.

“When you don’t have a Man’s heart, having him is an illusion. It’s a Mirage that vanishes whenever you start to get close, bad then reappears farther away only to disappear Again. It’s a soul level bait and Switch that will never satisfy.”

Rohrer’s Book were in line according to God intentional effort for every waiting Ladies, who are waiting unto the Lord to be the Bride of Whosever Himself brought their Way. Through her book she enlighten our eyes to understanding Hints God might have shown about the Man to His own Sheeps and as well Daughters, this may be his Physic and not necessarily his face; His Hair Style on the occasion to meet or the wedding date, his beard, Height, the place of the meeting, his utterance at the set time, and not necessarily his face, His name (which may not be well known, Perhaps other name he never use). Remember they are just hints God gave to set your heart right that HE have some one for you. For instance; when Abraham servant prayed to God of his master for hint about the choice of Woman for Isaac, it happened and that which became Isaac’s Bride.

Hearing from heaven about the spouse might be a conscious effort which the Lord may delay for some reason unknown, to prevent unforeseeable or to Prepare the Maid for the Groom. Prophesy, also is a key substance that can help to know the right choice of Man who the Lord is Preparing. For instance; their had been a Prophesy about the birth of Christ, who the Mother shall be and the Lineage from which he shall come. Though Prophesy edifies, dreams and other modes by which God reaches to You as Lady were good but all this should be proven with what he had said in His Word, because the enemies can manipulate it.

Have you heard any Voice or hearing any voice saying “he is the One?”, Won’t you mind considering Kelly story with Tim, and Thomas? A guy could approach you saying he is convinced that God is leading him to You, if you’re not convinced about it or no prophesy had confirmed it, their is no need delaying A straight NO having taking time with God, but no assurance he is going to Author the Marriage for Both of You or leading you into Wed lock with such individual. Every home has it inherent Grey-sky challenges it can only not be manage by wisdom of Men.

Taking time to hear God about an answer to a Proposal or the Guy whom you are expecting to be the One shouldn’t be too Long than Usual. Hope deffered makes the HeartSick, and every sheep Hear his Voice. If there is a doubt about your feelings for someone who proposes or whom you expect it to be, it is better you talk to God about it, someone Spiritual, tell the person who had proposed or who you expecting about the complications of your heart and give it distance.

Rohrer addresses that answers to Proposal shouldn’t be more than a season which is two to three months in view, A no response after one Month and few days should be considered as Slow No, while waiting for the season to complete after which it means A straight No, and the individual have to set His/Her straight for the Lord’s Re-direction.
Moreso, the Author shared with Her readers what she described as Teddy Turtletoe Factor: the chance for a Lady to declare her interest to A Guy she desired but undefined Relationship when another man comes Calling, as seen from Ruth example used by the Author was an eye opening as she made her marital Affection known unto Boaz. This is not a sin. The Author elaboratively express this with how a Lady can hint a Guy about what She think towards him, this however should not be done outside the corridor of A brother of Equal yoke.

Rohrer suggested that once this intention is made clear the Lady should keep a distance from the Guy, while she places herself to praying, if the intention is as real as God want it, the Man may reply with answer declaring God’s mind if he had considered it with much seriousness.

Many and More of How God might actually Lead a Lady aright in Chosing a Life did Susan Rohrer cocktail in her Book for every waiting Ladies and the Male counterpart to handle the Matter. It is one of the Best ever Read Christian Literature on Guide to Know If the HE is the person God is Definitely saying shall be the Groom.

Safe Reading,
Opeyemi Oluwashegun DUROTOYE.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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