Honour your Shepherd

Kingsword Onyedikachi Amadi

Your Pastor’s wife is a woman.
Your mother is a woman but the only woman we see on your status is Katherine Kuhlman.
If we open your profile, scattered all over are the pictures of a woman that will never know you.

Fanning the dead when the living don’t know you.
Katherine Kuhlman does not know your name and will never know you.
You don’t have her contact and will never have.
But the woman that carried you in the womb, you have not celebrated.

Your Pastor’s wife that prays for you don’t have your celebration.
Please don’t offend the spirit of honour if you really want to be celebrated in your generation.
I know you love Joshua Selman but I am sorry, your Pastor is also a man of God.

And the most anointed man in the world is not Benny Hinn, it’s that man that God has set over your life that you’re not honouring.
He may have two members unlike the other man you celebrate but the grace for your deliverance from captivity is on him.
I am sorry but if you don’t understand that your Pastor is man, you will stay in Egypt eating cucumber for too long whereas there is a glorious manna for you.

He sees how you celebrate men of God all over but looks out for his own and does not see.
You will upload Paul Enenche today and tomorrow is Joshua Selman but no one knows the ministry of that man of God that labours for you in word and doctrine.
He is only your man of God in the secret.
What if he stops praying for you and the challenge is that the Apostle Joshua Selman that you’re talking about don’t know you.

And you will be moving about, in this wicked world and no one is praying for you?
In this world, if you will be perfect, be careful not to offend the Spirit of just men.
Don’t let the man that is laboring for you bleed because of you.

Eliab was busy uploading pictures, quotes and videos of Prophet Samuel everywhere because Samuel was already a major Prophet in Israel.
Samuel had a T.V station and he was a popular face on miracle crusades in and out of Israel.

He traveled abroad at will and Eliab saw that and began to celebrate him and left his man of God.
His man of God was struggling, looking for who will upload his messages online but his son he prays for every night is busy uploading Samuel’s messages everywhere.

When the day of blessing came, Samuel still anointed a man who was faithful under the ministry of Jesse not a harlot believer.
I know that we can talk about every genuine word of God that comes, irrespective of who said it but can I tell you truly that it’s more than that? It takes a lot of wisdom to balance that.
In this kingdom, wisdom is a principal thing, it’s not a vice principal.

You may need a lot of it now.
I pray God gives us wisdom for this, in Jesus name!
Let us pray!

Kingsword Onyedikachi Amadi |Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow might be too late.

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