WHY “PROPHECIES” DON’T COME TO PASS!!! (Creating A Balance Between The “Practical” And The “Prophetic”)

– Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

Too many believers are expecting God to do for them what they should do by themselves.
Too many believers are waiting for God to fulfil His word concerning them while God is waiting for them to cooperate with Him to bring His prophetic words to pass in their lives.

Too many believers are living in a state of illusion and delusion, building a castle in the air and inadvertently deferring the manifestation of their prophetic destinies.
Some people believe that if God has given a prophetic word concerning someone’s future, that word will AUTOMATICALLY come to pass irrespective of what the recipient does or not.

But that kind of teaching tends to produce a generation of indolent Christians who intrinsically sidestep their legitimate responsibilities while expecting God to do for them SUPERNATURALLY what they should have done NATURALLY.

This, I believe, is a misplaced expectation!
The Bible is replete with stories of people who, although had PROPHETIC DESTINIES ahead of them, ended up not fulfilling God’s original plan for them.

It’s not because God’s word failed; it’s because THEY FAILED to cooperate with God to fulfil His word.
God’s original plan for man was to live forever but man sinned and tasted death – Gen. 2:17, Gen. 5:5.

Reuben had the right of the firstborn but because of his act of indiscretion, he landed on the wrong side of history – Gen. 49:3-4.
Israel came out of Egypt and God planned that the entire congregation would possess the promised land but we know that many of them died along the way because they didn’t cooperate with God – Num. 32:13.

Judas Iscariot was destined to have his name written on the foundations of the New Jerusalem – Rev. 21:14 but we know that he lost his apostleship because of greed and another took his place – Acts 1:16-26.
You remember Samson also? The list is endless!

Now the question is this; what PRACTICAL thing must you do to fastrack and facilitate the manifestation of your PROPHECIES?
I must say very reluctantly at this juncture that a lot of believers have gone home to be with the Lord without fulfilling their PROPHETIC DESTINIES but that will not be your lot in Jesus’ Name.

It is your responsibility to find out your PROPHETIC WORDS and know the PRACTICAL RESPONSIBILITIE
S they confer on you, carry them out and see your destiny become a reality.
Faith without works is dead, the Bible says – Jam. 2:26. In other words, faith without CORRESPONDING ACTIONS is dead.

Sadly, many believers carry out CONTRARY ACTIONS, not CORRESPONDING ACTIONS on their PROPHECIES and eventually it appears those prophecies become a mirage.
Prophetic words do not make you lazy; they rather challenge you to take responsibility.
Isaac had prosperity locked up in prophecy but he still put his hands to work. The Word says:
Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year an hundredfold: and the Lord blessed him.


The work of your hand (that PRACTICAL thing you do) will eventually be a potential tool in the hand of God to unleash your PROPHETIC DESTINY. It is written:
The Lord shall open unto thee his good treasure, the heaven to give the rain unto thy land in his season, and BLESS ALL THE WORK OF THINE HAND: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow.

God is not COMPLEX and Faith is not COMPLICATED. Faith is very PRACTICAL; it is not MYSTICAL, neither is it THEORETICAL.
Play your part and then you get God committed to fulfilling His word concerning you.

Remember Joseph; he had a PROPHETIC DESTINY locked up in a PROPHETIC DREAM – Gen. 37:5-9 but on the brink of destiny, when he was just a step away to enter into his future, look at what he did:
Then Pharaoh sent and called Joseph, and they brought him hastily out of the dungeon: and HE SHAVED HIMSELF, AND CHANGED HIS RAIMENT, and came in unto Pharaoh.

Very strong! There’s a way to appear before the king that can either qualify you or disqualify you.
Imagine what would have happened if Joseph had appeared before the king with bushy beard and mustache, unkempt hair and tattered cloth – well let’s just leave that in the realm of imagination.
Although God gave him PROPHETIC DREAMS but God didn’t SHAVE HIS BEARD or CHANGE HIS CLOTH for him. That was something PRACTICAL that he could do by himself.

SHAVING YOURSELF in this context could mean shaving off old mindset and putting on a new consciousness; deleting obsolete information and acquiring new information.
CHANGING YOUR RAIMENT could mean changing your strategy and engaging new strategies by the revelation of the Holy Spirit.

Joseph changed his raiment, and somebody would say dressing doesn’t matter. What a misconception!
I think such a person should just put on bathroom slippers, wear tattered cloth with unkempt hair to a major interview and let’s see what happens. It’s simply sheer hypocrisy!

Friend, it’s time to CHANGE YOUR MINDSET. Yes God has said you will be a globally-acclaimed entrepreneur but how many books have you read on entrepreneurship?
Yes God has said you will be a major political leader but can you differentiate between Presidential system of government and Parliamentary system of government?
Do you even know the difference between the three tiers of government and the three arms of government? How many times have you read the Constitution?

Yes God has said that you will be a great missionary to St. Lucia but do you know where St Lucia is located on the map of the world?
Yes God has said you will be a great teacher of His Word on a global scale but He won’t buy you a Concordance, Bible Commentaries, Bible Dictionaries, etc.
These are things that we need to do by ourselves as a show of our unflinching faith and commitment to our PROPHETIC DESTINIES.

When the Lord instructed us to take the Word on Radio, I didn’t sit down, ONLY praying and confessing the Word (although that’s key but there’s more to that); I rather studied extensively the Radio ministry of FATHERS IN THE FAITH that have gone ahead of me.

I would wake up very early to listen to the Radio broadcast of these fathers, and of course, many lessons were learnt in addition to the earlier instructions given to me by God. Now God would not do all of that for me.

Beloved, the PRACTICAL THING that you should do could be sourcing for more information on the internet; it could be taking a professional course in addition to your BSC, MSC or even Ph. D.

It could be putting structure to your business; it could be having a business card with which people can contact you; it could be expanding your network of relationships; it could be giving excellent packaging to your product; it could be changing your mobile phone so that you could browse to get more information on your “area of interest”; it could be letting more people know about what you’re doing, and so on and so forth.

God cannot fail and His word cannot return unto Him void – Isa. 55:10-11.
All we need do is to find out WHAT PRACTICAL RESPONSIBILITIES OUR PROPHETIC WORDS TRANSLATE TO, commit ourselves to them and reach the peak of our destiny.

Let me say this beloved; and this is a flow in my heart right now.
I perceive that someone is reading this now, and in the next one year, you will hit the realm of millions in your finances, because from henceforth you will not just be doing anything; YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO, FOR THE ANOINTING WITHIN TEACHES YOU OF ALL THINGS – 1Jn.2:27 AND THE LORD TEACHES YOU TO PROFIT – Isaiah. 48:17.

Can you say these words after me Beloved:
“I’m a child of destiny. I fulfill destiny in a grand style. All my prophecies come to pass. They fail not because God cannot fail. I cooperate with God to bring His words to pass in my life. I’m taught of the Lord; I’m led by the Spirit of God, therefore I know what to do per time. My steps are divinely-ordered and supernaturally-orchestrated into things prepared and ordained for me in destiny. I refuse to struggle, for henceforth I ride on the wings of prophecies into my place of destiny in Jesus’ Name”

I join my faith with yours and declare that it is so in Jesus’ Precious Name. Amen!

First Posted on 10th August, 2018.

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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