Why Samson was chasing Harlot and not ‘Christian’ sister

There is something the harlots in the days of Sampson had that the ‘Christian’ sisters did not have.
Was that why Samson was only chasing harlots here and there whereas the Church girls were still not married?

How can a prophet leave all the girls in Church and was chasing only harlots to marry them?
It’s okay we criticize him but now we may blame the Christian sisters of his days.
The Sisters in his days would come on Facebook and upload their Church programs and go to the wilderness to pray whereas Delilah was always checking up on him.

After he was back from a heavy crusade, Delilah would check up on him, asking him if he had eaten whereas the Sisters in Church thought he should always be fasting.

Samson would now check the Facebook profile of the ladies he saw in Church that he was eying and all he would see is the picture of fire, dove, holy spirit, angels, hell fire and heaven all over.
Only pictures of where Satan and Angels are fighting.

They will snap fine pictures of themselves and keep them in their phone.
Then would come online and fill their album with picture of rapture on Facebook and the rest of the pictures would be the images of the tomb of Jesus or Lions, Eagles and maybe cross of Calvary… Laughs.
We know that you’re a child of God but must you upload Lions for us to know that you’re from the lineage of the Lion of the tribe of Judah?

How can you spend so much money and make your hair for only your mother at home to be seeing it?
How can you come online and fill your album with pictures of animals and creeping things when you’ve good pictures of yourself offline?

Sister it’s not a sin to sew fine clothes and snap with them and upload.
The man you’ve been praying about may have come to your profile to check for the face of the lady God showed him in a vision and all what he saw on your profile were images of crocodiles, hippopotamus, Buffalos and different animals and he ran away because God should’ve shown him a human being not a crocodile. Laughs.
I know you love your Pastors and all the God’s generals but your Pastor is married and you’re not.

What is his picture doing on your dp for one year?
All those your fine fine pictures, when would you start uploading them and leave animals alone?
We have seen a lot of people that met their husbands online and no one knows how you were designed to meet yours.

Stop saying that the brothers in your Church left you people that have been serving in Church faithfully with them and married people outside if you’re not playing your cards well.
Don’t use Lion as dp and expect human being not to run away from you. Laughs…
We know you’re on fire, after using fire image, when you feel it has burnt all the people you wanted it to burn…laughs, please place back your picture so that people can relate with you as a human being.

Who are those on this table, tag them oh, let us pray for them Smiles.
Well, the Lord will help us.
I hope this message meets us well.
Let us pray!

Kingsword Onyedikachi Amadi |Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow might be too late.

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