P. Daniel Olawande

Hi bae, it’s me your one and only boo,
How are you doing,
I am missing you, I wish you are already in my arms

I know you are know these things but I need to remind you again.

I love you so much but of course I love Jesus more than I love you and I know you do love him more than you love me.

I know you remember that the Holy Spirit is the director of our relationship,

I love you so much, my emotions are high, I can’t wait for our wedding night, all the images in my heart are waiting for expressions without the sense of guilt.

I know we feel like doing it now, even with all we watch on tV especially big brother Nigeria, but remember even though we are in this world we are not of the world.

This is the truth, I feel like kissing, touching, and do all you can ever imagine BUT the LOVE OF CHRIST CONSTRAINTS US
So dear I promise you, we shall wait.

I promise to help you and I believe you will help me

We have a testimony we will share to the younger generation that we conquered by the grace of God and the Help of the Holy Spirit

We will model a pure generation
We shall tell those coming under us, it is possible to have a pure relationship.

Remember we can’t do this by our energy but we will rely on the grace and help of the Holy Spirit but we will not tempt the Spirit.

We shall set strict rules and discipline, we shall be accountable to our mentors and kingdom friends too.

I promise to spoil you by the time we finally get marry ayayayayaya but now let us wait and the Lord will honor our waiting.

Finally, let us attend conferences together, always meditate on God’s word, pray together and don’t forget, let’s see movies and eat out and play games too,

Remember we are getting married as flesh not just spirits so while we build our spiritual life together, let us build our bond and life together.

I can’t wait for our wedding night
But we shall wait.
It is possible.

Source: P. Daniel Olawande |Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow might be too late.

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