P. Daniel Olawande

Dear bae, how are you, I am missing you, I enjoyed our last conversation about purity.
But I need to draw your attention to another thing as we prepare for this journey.

I know you know that I am a man of fire, I love prayer and fasting but I have a disclaimer, I DON’T FAST EVERYDAY, When I am not FASTING I am actually FEASTING.

Dear bae pls I will try my best to help you but please I don’t want to be missing my mum’s food after I get married to you,
Ah, I love good food oo, please don’t just be giving me only one kind of food always, let’s do varieties

Please develop your cooking skills, learn on youTube and friends , I am doing so too so that we can help each other, you won’t be the only one cooking, but please be good oooo.

I won’t like to be eating out always, I will love to eat my babe’s tasty food.

Please learn salt and pepper management and all manner of skills
Please learn packaging too and presentation skills. Treat me like a King and I will spoil you like a Queen.

I won’t be irresponsible, I will supply the money and you will supply the deep stomach infrastructures.

Eee i am already salivating yeeeee
Dear bae, please don’t disappoint me oo, don’t fall my hand
I am also learning so I am can be giving you breakfast in bed sometimes.

Please learn, whatever you don’t know please learn now, learn many different dishes.

I promise you, there will be times we will also eat out in nice eateries but that one in the house must be on point ooo.

When a man eat good food from his bae, the fire will flow well
You might not love cooking naturally but because you are not marrying yourself and you are getting married to a king like me, please learn and I promise you we will both enjoy it.

I can’t wait for that time on the dining table and we start stealing each other’s meat or ponmo that is coated with pepper.

I promise you the prayer before the food won’t be long like baba Abejoye Olaiyiotan in Abejoye movie, but just for few minutes.
I can’t wait oooo but I will wait.
I see a burning generation

Source: P. Daniel Olawande |Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow might be too late.

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