– P. Daniel Olawande

God in His infinite wisdom has programmed destiny in a way that life thrives on relationships, but in His infinite wisdom, He has also designed it that we are unique and different.

In marital relationships, the reality is that unlike attracts, sanguine might not likely marry another sanguine else the house will be Fuji house of commotion; if two phlegmatic personalities marry, their house might be very cold except for few exceptions who have mastered the art of communication.

Now, we see extroverted people marry introverts or less extroverted like them, God designed that we balance one another, the weakness of one is the strength of another, so one will help the other in the area of weakness – the principle of balance.

If we are all of the same personalities, who will strengthen and balance, who will help the other, in fact, life will be boring.
God made us differently unique so we can complement each other.

This rule applies to all forms of relationships and this wisdom is needed for us to sustain tangible relationships.

The eyes are meant to see
The ears are meant to ear
The nose is meant to smell
The hands are meant to hold or write
The legs are meant to walk.
It is the combination of all that makes the body.

If all parts were seeing, who will hear, who will smell?
If all we’re talking, who will walk?
We will be different and we will never be the same but we can always complement each other.

The eyes will see it, the mouth will say it and the hand will write it, that is what makes a perfect and balanced body or family.
People might not change to become who you are, but you can complement by supplying what they lack.

This understanding will save us from stress in relationships
Even the worst of men if any at all, still possess some good attributes.

I recommend this book: WHY YOU ACT THE WAY YOU DO BY TIM LAHAYE.
I hope you are instructed.

Source: P. Daniel Olawande |Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow might be too late.

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