FOLLOW DIVINE INSTRUCTIONS!!! (Key To Soaring In Ministry)

-Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

No matter how brilliant, intelligent, cerebral and loaded a student is, if he doesn’t follow instructions in an examination, he will fail “gallantly”.

I have seen situations in the past where students who were regarded as geniuses failed very woefully simply because they didn’t follow exam instructions.

No matter how well versed you are or thoroughly prepared you are for an exam (you may even understand all the questions) but if the instruction reads, “Answer three out of these five questions” and you answer all the five questions just because they’re walk-over for you, you may shoot yourself in the leg.

Your brilliance notwithstanding; your thorough preparation notwithstanding; your speed of assimilation or delivery notwithstanding, you may fail that exam.
The reason is not because you’re not brilliant but because you did not follow instructions.

Have you seen exams where you’re told not to answer a question if you’re not sure of the answer? Many other instructions like that!
By the same token, one can be loaded, resourceful, versatile, Worded, Spirit-filled, and charismatic in ministry and still fail woefully.

In ministry, DIVINE INSTRUCTIONS are superior to MENTAL CALCULATIONS. Ministry is run by INSTRUCTIONS; not by SENTIMENTS.
Somebody said, “I’M TOO LOADED TO FAIL”. Well, I’m too loaded to fail too. I make that confession regularly till date, but friend, I HAVE SEEN LOADED PEOPLE “FAIL”!
Why? Ministry doesn’t just answer to “REVELATIONS” but to obedience to “INSTRUCTIONS”.

God can REVEAL great stuffs to you about your future but your steps must be guided by His instructions – Ps.37:23 to arrive safely at your destination.
If you want to be a high flyer in ministry, you’ve got to FOLLOW DIVINE INSTRUCTIONS, just like a pilot flies an aircraft by following instructions.

Your instructions today are the revelations of your future in the call. They don’t have to make sense to you, so far they agree with the Word and are given by the Spirit. So be it!!!
Therefore don’t be like that genius student who fails exams woefully just because he doesn’t pay attention to details – he doesn’t pay attention to examination instructions; follow and promptly obey God’s instructions to you per time.

In addition to THE SUBSTANCE with which you’re loaded, FOLLOW DIVINE INSTRUCTIONS and you will see yourself soaring to higher heights in ministry.
I hope this is a blessing Sirs and Mas?
Ministry prospers and flourishes in our hands in Jesus’ Precious Name!
Much Agape!!!

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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