Be Patient with God

Please am encouraging you, so that you don’t allow this ugly thing people put brings around as though believers cannot be challenged

Things cannot go wrong
And while you are in the process of training you make it look as though……
No if you need to cry don’t be ashamed let the tears come,
When life is Giving you a scar RESPECT IT, it is why a crown would be put on your head.
Don’t cover it
One of the most powerful scripture is ” and Jesus wept”

And the word wept
And the light wept
And the resurrection wept
You might be going through it now, please listen………

Yes is true you have not understood everything now,
Yes My dear sister is true that prophetic grace is not working
It is true that he called you to be a kingdom financia and as it is now, you have not gotten it BE PATIENT
your prayer life is not that strong don’t worry,

When he is done with you, you will see. What you will become,
Today you will teach and their is no rhyma, no revelation and people are saying round up, DON’T WORRY

while you are standing there is sickness, you are quoting scripture “by his strips i am heal” and the sickness refuses to go, and the world would usually when they see our scars, the usually tell us you have a scar and you are tempted to close it, LEAVE IT WITH HONOR

my brother and sisters let them be witness of your scars,
because When God lift you they are the ones who will tell people…

I know when this man was crying, I Know when this sister was crying……..
My soul wait thou on the lord.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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